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The Science Behind Nutrition: A Note From Our Founder

From genes to lifestyle, I believe we can positively affect our health destiny. My healthy choices defied family legacy. Dive with me into science-backed biomimetic ingredients to boost your skin's natural power.

By Susie Willis

For anyone who is new to our way of thinking, it is the fundamental links to our body (biology) to external influences (lifestyle) that we connect. I have always been a firm believer in the positive influence of lifestyle choices that can have a dynamic influence on our epigenetics, and how you can in fact play a part in how your genes and physiological health can adapt and alter the pre-sets.

From before the womb we have a ‘set’ gene character and DNA pattern that is unalterable. Some of this is good, some less good. Now this is where the science comes it. We can positively affect the pre-determined destiny to a degree and it all comes from a source of consistent patterns that can over-ride or certainly lessen a pre-cursor. I am the perfect example. My family have a history of high blood-pressure and high cholesterol. I felt my ‘fate’ was set when I was tested this year. I have been putting the test off for years as I was nervous that whatever I did, the tests would prove the family legacy.

However, much to my delight, the years of consistent healthy life choices (diet/exercise) have in fact paid off. I was told that my heart health and cholesterol levels were normal and I didn’t need any medication. This was evidence that these choices do make a difference, don’t surrender to legacy! This is why I also believe in science and biology. Our bodies, our skin is all biology and how we work with it is fundamentally important. We need to understand the skins stressors, the inflammation triggers and how we can work to support the skin at a cellular level, even at a mitochondrial level. This is SKIN DEEP. Did you know that no brand can ‘claim’ that a skin product can do certain things, without scientific data to support those claims.

We harness the power of biotechnology to cultivate a new generation of scientifically-backed ingredients. This is the understanding of how certain plants have within their DNA, properties that can be extracted in a lab and cultivated to work ‘biomimetically’ with our skin’s biology, this means that your skin recognises the nature in these ingredients for better absorption and longer lasting results. This process is both sustainable and substantiated.

Biomimetic ingredients like Squalane and Hyaluronic Acid mirror your skin's own powerhouses, boosting hydration and elasticity. Squalane, a natural ingredient, is a lightweight emollient similar to your own sebum, keeps your skin supple and protects its barrier. While our advanced full spectrum technology Hyaluronic Acid from biotechnology, mimics the natural form your skin produces, providing deep hydration and helping you retain it for a radiant complexion.

You will hear me talk a great deal more next year about the power of science via biotechnology and our own biology being boosted and powered by this technology. I hope I can make what may seem as ‘academic’ much easier to digest. I am not a scientist, but I am hungry for the science and my team and lab are the experts that I learn from.

For us to be truly sustainable, we look beyond the packaging, but also at the very source of all our ingredients. We are proud of our certifications, our leading innovation in substantiated science, and truly gorgeous skincare that really over-delivers.

Thank you for your continued love and support for 2023 and watch this space in 2024 where we will share more inspiring, thought provoking messages.

Love Susie x

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