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Key Biotech Antioxidants To Have In Your Skin Regimen

Discover the power of biotech antioxidants for youthful summer skin. Explore Romilly Wilde Skin-System's advanced antioxidants and target free radicals in the skin, fine lines and wrinkles.

By Susie Willis

Biotech Antioxidants: Your Summer Skin Saviours

As the sun shines and we enjoy the summer season, it's essential to protect our skin from ageing caused by free radical damage, also known as oxidative stress. Biotech antioxidants can be your best allies in maintaining youthful and healthy-looking skin this summer.

Understanding Free Radicals

Free radicals are highly reactive molecules with unpaired electrons. To stabilise themselves, they snatch electrons from other molecules, creating a chain reaction that damages the structure and function of those molecules. These pesky free radicals are not only produced within our bodies but are also present in the environment due to sunlight, pollution, smoke, and various chemical processes.

When free radicals run rampant, they attack our skin's cells, proteins, DNA, and lipids, leading to wrinkles, fine lines, uneven skin tone, pigmentation, and reduced elasticity. They trigger inflammation and harmful pathways in the skin, such as collagen breakdown, resulting in premature ageing.

Antioxidant Face Oil Close Up

The Power of Antioxidants

Antioxidants are the superhero ingredients that neutralise free radicals and prevent them from causing havoc in our skin. They have an extra electron to spare, which they willingly give to free radicals, halting the chain reaction. Think of antioxidants as sacrificial shields that protect your skin from damage.

While our skin naturally contains some antioxidants, factors like sun exposure and environmental pollutants can deplete their levels. This is where topical antioxidants in skincare products come to the rescue. By applying antioxidants before encountering free radicals (like before heading into the sun), you give them time to intercept and neutralise the harmful molecules, safeguarding your skin from potential damage.

Glowing Rejuvenated Skin Protected From Free Radicals And Pollution

Boost Your Skin’s Protection with Biotech Antioxidants

We’ve included some remarkable biotech antioxidants in our Skin-System to boost your skin's protection:

1. Ectoin®: Derived from microorganisms in a salt lake, Ectoin® offers global cell protection and exceptional anti-ageing properties. It shields the skin from oxidative and inflammatory factors, minimising damage like pigmentation and skin ageing caused by pollutants and UV radiation. It is found in both our Eye Believe Eye Serum and Advanced Supercell Serum.

2. Wakame Bioferment Advanced: This algae targets internal pollution, promoting cellular longevity and providing potent antioxidant benefits. By enhancing oxygen consumption in cells, it minimises the formation of free radicals, offering detoxification from within and reducing cellular damage.

3. Griffonia Lysate: Derived from Griffonia Simplicifolia Seed Extract, this neuro-cosmetic ingredient enhances tightening and lifting results, while also providing long-term antioxidant and UV protection. It's an all-natural source of 5-HTP, a compound that makes you feel and look good.

4. First Light Snow Lotus: Extracted from Saussurea Involucrata Callus, this Alpine species detoxifies and oxygenates the skin, reducing age spots and promoting cell regeneration. It slows down oxidation and boosts antioxidant activity, enhancing your skin's radiance. Look to our Active Boost Face Oil for this cell-regenerating powerhouse.

5. OvernightEnhance [MJ+C]: Consisting of Mirabilis Jalapa cells and caffeine, this powerful complex enhances energy production and minimises the formation of oxygenated free radicals. It provides a radiant and bright complexion while boosting protection against environmental aggressors.

6. PowerExtension [HSB+R]: Developed from "Bluebird" hibiscus with rutin extracted from Japanese knotweed, this complex targets multiple signs of ageing. It reduces the creation of free radicals, offering antioxidant protection and improving skin activity. One of the three available antioxidants found in our clinically proven hero night cream. You can also read three other reasons why it should be your new favourite night cream here.

7. Optimum Life Angelica: This powerful complex stimulates collagen production, offers antioxidant and anti-pollution protection, and safeguards skin from UV and pollution-induced oxidation for firmer, younger-looking skin.

With biotech antioxidants in your skincare arsenal, you can embrace the summer with confidence, knowing your skin is well-protected against free radical damage. Enjoy the sun and let these powerful skincare allies preserve your skin's youthful glow all season long.

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