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Romilly Wilde harnesses the power of biology to build a sustainable future and unlock unprecedented product possibilities. The promise of biotechnology is vast with breakthroughs that allow us to responsibly design precise nutrient rich formulations.


The Future Of Skincare

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Biotechnology is: BIO (using a biological process) + TECHNOLOGY (solving problems or making useful products). It is the science of replicating the effects of nature with greater precision to create sustainable lab grown ingredients. Biotechnology presents new possibilities and solutions to the big problems facing our industry. The innate connection with biology and using that as a creative design tool gives us the ability to replicate and enhance nature in a lab without disrupting the already challenged ecosystem. Through advanced biotechnological methods, such as genetic engineering or fermentation processes, we can access and work alongside nature to create skincare that is both more effective and more sustainable.
This is why the future of skincare is biotechnology.

More Effective

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Romilly Wilde is a Biology-first brand, meaning we formulate leveraging the latest biomimetic ingredients to optimise skin longevity and health, delivering transformative results. We harness the latest advances in biotechnology to develop a new generation of highly personalised skincare products, targeting specific skin concerns at a biological level.

Better Absorption: The actives in our skincare system go through biotechnological refinement, resulting in formulations with smaller particle sizes. This allows for deeper penetration into the skin, ensuring that beneficial components are absorbed more efficiently. As a result, skin receives the full spectrum of nourishment and active ingredients, promoting optimal effectiveness.

Longer-Lasting Effects: The advanced biotechnological processes used in our skincare system optimise the stability and longevity of the active compounds. This means that once absorbed, these ingredients continue to work over an extended period. This prolonged activity contributes to maintaining skin health over time.

Improved Overall Performance: Biotechnological advancements allow us to tailor skincare formulations with precision. This customisation ensures that each ingredient serves a specific purpose, whether it's hydration, collagen production, or addressing signs of aging. The synergistic combination of carefully selected components results in a targeted approach to our skincare system, enhancing the overall performance.

More Sustainable

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Over generations, beauty products relied on unsustainable patterns of production contributing directly and significantly to climate change, nature and biodiversity loss, and pollution and waste. At Romilly Wilde, we strive to create the most effective products with the least impact on our planet. As part of our commitment to sustainable and low impact practices, we consciously use bio-based ingredients increasing renewability, compared to petroleum-based alternatives such as PEGs. Leveraging the latest innovations in biotechnology, we design formulas that not only prioritise sustainability but also deliver transformative results.
Such is our commitment to biotechnology, the latest in clean technologies.

The Future Of Planet-Friendly Ingredients

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We create incredible cellular science supported by the use of biology and work alongside nature in a truly sustainable and intelligent way. We are proud to have been using biotech ingredients in our cellular skincare formulations since launch and we aim to inspire others within our industry and beyond to pursue cruelty-free and more sustainable alternatives. Meet some of our hardest working, planet-friendly biotech ingredients here.