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Biotech gives us the ability to replicate and enhance nature in a lab without disrupting the already challenged ecosystem. You can create incredible cellular science supported by the use of microbiology by working alongside nature in a truly sustainable and intelligent way. Over generations we have disturbed the natural harmony of nature with environmental pollution and climate disruption but thanks to this evolution in biotechnology we can now capture and adapt nature to advance science for future generations. For example, in an effort to extract a minimal amount of useful oil from each individual plant, it takes a shocking 67 rose blossoms to create just one single drop of rose oil – that’s 1,000 roses for a 5ml bottle. The skincare industry has led to declining supplies of countless ingredients from vanilla to argan oil and its use of palm oil has become a driver of global deforestation.

User Trial Results


said skin appears replenished


said improves dull, uneven tone for brighter and smoother skin by morning


said it dramatically reduces the signs of ageing in just 2 weeks


said it revealed a younger looking complexion


said skin looks firmer

*Independent user trials 2022. Results based on 59 people over 4 weeks.

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