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Redefining Responsible Luxury With Butterfly Mark Recertification

Our transformative skincare brand has once again earned the coveted Positive Luxury Butterfly Mark, a rigorous sustainability accreditation.

By Susie Willis

At Romilly Wilde we are not just creating transformative skincare – we're rewriting the rules of responsible luxury. Our journey with Positive Luxury, the leading sustainability and ethics mark for luxury brands, is a testament to that. In 2020, we earned the coveted Butterfly Mark, and today, we proudly announce our recertification, pushing the boundaries of impact-driven beauty even further.

"We started our ESG Agenda in January 2020 and it has been a valuable and insightful process to be re-certified by Positive Luxury. It is the level of rigour that should be expected of brands, and it demonstrates our commitment to pursuing and supporting our responsibilities to a sustainable agenda that goes beyond packaging. This level of certification is not for the faint hearted and is hard to score well for a skincare brand with so many component parts. However it shines a light on all aspects of having an impact business, that considers its partners and suppliers as well as consumers."

- Susie Willis, Romilly Wilde Founder.

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“We are proud to announce Romilly Wilde has been awarded the Butterfly Mark for a second time for its continued efforts to meet higher and higher standards for people and nature. Romilly Wilde uses the latest innovations in biotechnology to create ingredients identical to those found in nature, but without the negative environmental impact. From conducting a biodiversity analysis on its ingredients, maintaining a robust supplier code of conduct focusing on diversity, equality and inclusion, human rights and labour practices and ensuring sustainability is a core pillar – Romilly Wilde is leading the way to a better future through nature positive, actionable change, a blueprint we’d encourage other beauty brands to follow."

- Amy Nelson-Bennett, CEO Positive Luxury

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"Environmental Impact, Social Impact, Governance and Innovation are the fundamental components of Positive Luxury's ESG+ assessment framework. Navigating the intricate and in-depth assessment process of Positive Luxury has been an incredible challenge and one that we undertook with great commitment and diligence. Throughout this journey, the Positive Luxury team have been incredibly supportive. Our collaboration with Positive Luxury is an ongoing commitment to maintaining the highest standards. The recertification process serves as a continual benchmark for Romilly Wilde, ensuring that we consistently meet and exceed the stringent criteria set by Positive Luxury. Looking ahead to 2024 and beyond, our ESG plans are ambitious and forward-thinking. We are dedicated to further minimising our environmental footprint, enhancing our social impact initiatives, governance practices, and innovation to drive a positive change. Through this approach, we aspire to set new benchmarks for responsible luxury in skincare."

- Mateja Weber, Head of Science and Innovation.

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