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The Art of Layering Skincare and Mastering Flawless Makeup: Expert Tips from Rupert Kingston, delilah

Together with our friends at delilah, we bring you the expert tips to avoid common mishaps, so you can have nourished and flawless skin this holiday season.

By Susie Willis

Achieving a flawless makeup look starts with a well-prepped canvas, and getting your skincare right is the key to that radiant, long-lasting finish. We sat down with Rupert Kingston, Co-Founder and Creative Director of delilah, the award-winning cult British make-up brand and with over 20 years experience in the makeup industry for his tips for a seamless application, how to avoid pilling, and how to create the perfect base for your makeup.

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"Preparation is key when it comes to having clear skin for the holiday period"

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Step 1: Prep and Cleanse

Get a head start with Romilly Wilde’s 7 Day radiance boosting serum, the Multi-Vitamin Hydra Boost. Packed with biotech Vitamin C and P, this 7 day regimen reduces the appearance of pores, skin feels lifted and resilient, revealing a more youthful complexion. Next, cleanse the skin to remove any impurities and prepare your skin for the layers to come. Romilly Wilde's certified Kind To Biome Light + Energy Serum Cleanser purifies without stripping the skin's natural moisture.

Step 2: Hydrate with the Power Pair

“Proper hydration is essential for a flawless makeup application” according to industry expert, Rupert. Romilly Wilde's Advanced Supercell Serum, rich in antioxidants and biotech actives, helps combat signs of ageing and provides a smooth texture. Its lightweight formula nourishes the skin and creates a hydrated base for makeup. Pair with Romilly Wilde's Active Boost Face Oil to provide an extra burst of hydration. “Think about gently patting them into your skin instead of rubbing or vigorously applying products.”

Step 3: Never Neglect the Eyes

Don't forget the delicate eye area. Romilly Wilde's Eye Believe Eye Serum is perfect for brightening and hydrating this sensitive area. Gently dab a small amount around the eyes, targeting any dark circles or puffiness and creating a smooth base for makeup application.

Step 4: Sculpt and Contour

To take your routine to the next level, try incorporating Romilly Wilde's Sculpting Facial Roller for a contoured look. Rupert Kingston notes, "Anything that enhances the absorption of skincare products for a better makeup base is worth adding to your routine." 

Use the roller after applying your skincare products for a soothing massage and enhanced absorption, ensuring your skin is prepped for flawless makeup application.

Step 5: Avoid Pilling – Patience is Crucial

“Skincare pilling occurs when products don’t absorb properly into the skin and instead form small clumps or balls on the surface. This can be particularly frustrating when applying makeup. Always apply products from the thinnest to the thickest consistency, starting with lighter products like serums, and working your way up to thicker creams.” This ensures that the products interact seamlessly and create a smooth canvas for makeup. 

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"Take a moment to let each product work its magic, and your skin will thank you."

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Step 6: Prime the Skin

The piece de resistance: a good primer. Choose a non greasy, velvety smooth and a fresh serum-like texture to prime the skin ahead of makeup. “Our lightweight primer is an essential first step in your makeup routine to ensure a flawless finish.” Under Wear Future Resist Skin Primer is the number 1 best seller across the delilah family of products and it’s won a host of awards.

Shop The Perfect Makeup Base

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