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With rooftop bars, wild swimming, festivals and al fresco dining spots, London in the Summer is a special place to be. Stay tuned throughout summer for more fabulous destinations.

By Susie Willis

Summer has finally arrived, and what better way to celebrate than to dive into some of our favourite summer escapes across the world. From wild swimming in London and fine dining in Miami, through to wine tasting in Provence, indulging in Ibiza and setting sail along the Amalfi Coast. We’ve covered our most highly recommended top tips from our founder Susie so you can enjoy these beautiful spots this Summer through the Romilly Wilde lens.

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With rooftop bars, wild swimming, festivals and al fresco dining spots, London in the Summer is a special place to be.

Eat: Head to Gold in Notting Hill for a glass of something chilled and a bite to eat on their stunning garden terrace. You’ll find produce-led European dishes cooked in wood ovens and a late-night bar.

Stay: The city can get a little stifling, and at times like these there’s nothing for it but to seek out the nearest pool – preferably with a stay at White City House with a Picante in hand.

Read: If you need a moment away from the hustle and bustle of the city, head to Maison Assouline, the perfect retreat just off Piccadilly. Order yourself a tea (or maybe a cocktail) and immerse yourself in their gorgeous books.

Do: Along the winding River Thames, with art galleries and museums running along their length, the Serpentine Gallery in Kensington has so much to offer. The Serpentine is the most perfect place for Wild(e) Swimming, and the tradition of The Lido Swimming Club, one of the oldest in London and a tradition on Christmas Day for a chilly race and the Peter Pan Cup! This is such a perfect way to sum up London, its quirky and eccentric traditions and attitude to life.

Wilde city essential: Light + Energy serum cleanser. Wash away the big city pollution at the end of the day with our indulgent cult balm cleanser. Hydrating and nourishing, your skin will thank you by morning.

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"With the winding river Thames, with art galleries and museums running along their length, the Serpentine Gallery in Kensington has so much to offer. The Serpentine has two galleries. The South Gallery has been open for 50 years, celebrating iconic artists such as Damian Hurst and Jeff Koons, not forgetting the talented performance artist Marina Abramovic. The North Gallery is a more recent elevation by Zaha Hadid, which has the most gracious and fluid architectural structure to showcase more modern art."

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Susie Willis - Romilly Wilde founder



Assouline Set: Provence Glory, Tulum Gypset, Ibiza Bohemia, Miami Beach, Amalfi Coast.
Romilly Wilde Top 5 Summer Products: Light + Energy Serum Cleanser, Advanced Supercell Serum, Eye Believe Eye Serum, Night Duty Face Cream and Idle Eau de Parfum.



With its crystal clear waters, art deco architecture, and vivacious atmosphere, Miami is a no brainer this time of year.

Eat: Book dinner at KYU for healthy yet fun and incredible food. Order the tasting menu for a delicious selection of Chef's favorite seasonal dishes at this wood-fired Asian-inspired restaurant.

Stay: Four Seasons Surfside, an oceanfront destination bringing a new era of glamour elevated with chic Italian dining and a world-class spa.

Do: Visit the massive 50,000-square-foot art space, Superblue Miami, and find immersive, experiential works by the likes of  and James Turrell. Or head to the city’s first and only outdoor museum dedicated to street art, Wynwood Walls.

Shop: Check out the Miami Design District, a creative neighborhood and shopping destination dedicated to innovative fashion, design, art, architecture and dining.

Wilde city essential: The Eye Believe Eye Serum is the ultimate jet lag secret. This beautiful eye serum is packed to the brim with depuffing and firming ingredients and the cooling metal applicator is a godsend for tired and well-travelled undereyes.


When I think of Provence I am already in a book, a fictional novel by Phoebe Wynn depicting generations of family holidays in the South of France, eating under the olive trees until the early hours with the accompanying sound of the cicadas. With its quaint villages and rolling vineyards full of rose wine (Mirabeau of course – my brother and sister-in-law's wine) coupled with the beautiful beaches – Provence is a magical place to be in the Summer months.

Eat: La Table Saint-Roux, head here if you’re looking for an eco-aware, farm-to-table eating experience with home-made delights from fresh seasonal produce. Enjoy Chef Guillaume Rigaudias’ gourmet, family-style cuisine, concocted according to the day’s organic harvest, market fare and inspirations.

Stay: Château de la Gaude. Tick off all your Gallic reveries at 18th-century home turned luxury hotel Château de la Gaude. It has everything the French hold dear: house-bottled wine and an encyclopedic cellar, gastronomy as an art form, art in some extremely outré forms (courtesy of Philippe Pasqua, Jeff Koons and more) and acres of Aix-en-Provence greenery.

Do: Visit the beautiful lavender fields and bask in the calming, delicate fragrance and dusky purple hue of this gorgeous floral sea.

Wilde city essentials: Idle – intoxicating summer scent, perfect for eliciting memories of Provence long after you've returned home.

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"The tiny villages and local people are vibrant in pastel shutters with fragrant Bougainvillea and Wistaria adding to the glory. Cheeses, Rose wine and art are what I think of, with one particular artist who, for me, depicts the heart and soul of Provence, the relatively unknown Jean Arenne."

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Susie Willis - Romilly Wilde founder


This Southern Italian coastline is known for its rugged, winding roads that stretch from the Bay of Naples including Ravello, Amalfi and my favourite village of Positano, where the classic movie ‘Beat the Devil’ was made in 1953 with Humphrey Bogart and Jennifer Jones.

Drink: Naturally the food here is spectacular with fresh fish and seafood literally fished on your doorstep, to the best Pizza from Naples. Franco's is a must. A contemporary al fresco bar in Positano, Amalfi Coast with an old-fashioned, quality-first drinks menu; a place for amore, for friends and for a post-swim aperitif.

Stay: This unspoilt part of Italy is both dynamic and romantic and inspired artists and artisans from far and wide to bask in its stunning climate and be inspired by the dramatic landscape. My absolute favourite places to stay is the Monastero Santa Rosa

Do: Spend a day at sea along the Amalfi Coast. Set sail from the coastline of Amalfi to Capri, passing by the Li Galli islets and stopping for a stroll through the towns of Positano and Amalfi.

Wilde city essential: Advanced Supercell Serum – light daily moisturiser, perfect for soothing salty, sun-drenched skin.

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"The Amalfi coastline is known for its rugged, winding roads that stretch from the Bay of Naples including Ravello and my favourite village of Positano where the classic movie ‘Beat the Devil’ was made in 1953 with Humphrey Bogart and Jennifer Jones. Latterly my very own classic is ‘Only You’ with Robert Downey Jnr and Marisa Tomei."

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Susie Willis - Romilly Wilde founder


Away from the small pockets of foam parties and glow sticks, Ibiza has taken on a totally new vibe of Uber-chic urban hippy.

Eat: El Bigotes in hidden cove Cala Mastella. Booking is in person only, feast on fish caught that morning while sipping chilled Alberino by the sparkling sea.

Stay: The newly opened Six Senses.

Read: Tony Pike Rules for Life. Tony Pike was an Ibiza icon, setting up Pikes Hotel in the late 1970’s so that he and his friends could dance under the stars. Tony led his life with principles of positivity, fun, determination and big dreams. You have a choice how you show up in life, as well as a responsibility not to dim your light just to not upset or intimidate people. Live large, shine bright, and inspire people to do the same.

Wear: Numero74 jumpsuit, Born in the Sun headband.

Dance: Blue Marlin. Nestled in a cove on Cala Jondal is the Blue Marlin. Luxurious day club with beautiful music, and beautiful people.

Wilde city essential: Romilly Wilde Night Duty. There’s still a party side to the island albeit a bit more grown up now. Night Duty is the party after party overnight treatment so you wake up with bright and hydrated skin even after a night at Nobu.

Ibiza Wilde City Essentials

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