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Valentine's Note

Our founder, Susie Willis, tells us all about IDLE Eau de Parfum: our abstract and compelling Biotech fragrance with a velvety musk and woody profile.

By Susie Willis

Creating a perfume was not on my agenda when setting out to formulate our biomimetic skin care system. However working with biotechnology, sustainable ingredients and understanding molecules is absolutely where I am at. 

Composing a scent needed a new starting place. I didn’t want a traditional perfumer, I was seeking an artist who had an alternative view of understanding molecules, how they perform in isolation and part of a profile and the impact on the wearer and the environment. Traditional perfume creation is joyful, using extractions via enfleurage and Co2 extractions, avoiding solvents etc. Here enters Marina Barcenilla, an Astro-physicist and molecular scientist.  When she is not creating signature instruments for reading materials and life forms on Mars, she is working with me on scent ideation. Back in 2016 we landed on Idle. At that stage she named it our ‘mixed media’ EDP, using natural and modern molecules to elevate and harness a truly unique scent, utilising neuroscience receptors, understanding the limbic system etc.

Idle is an example of a truly unique scent. It lands differently on everyone, it expresses differently to each wearer but either way it sings, soothes and enters your mood in only a true functional fragrance can. With signature notes of: Cardamom and Citrus Peel, it is addictive and sensual, subtle yet abstract. We have yet to meet someone who doesn’t fall in love.

It has a sister perfumed candle called Frida. It is created with a similar composition and fills your space with a perfume language all of its own. Scented with perfume grade fragrance, Frida balances woody and resinous notes of Sandalwood and Clary Sage with warm, calming tones of Cardamom and Amber.

Shop Idle Eau de Parfum.

Love Susie x

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"Idle was a challenging creative endeavour, but one that I relished and thoroughly enjoyed. Susie knew exactly what she wanted Idle to be, so we worked very hard to create the combination of abstract and tangible that makes this fragrance so irresistible."

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- Marina Barcenilla, Perfumer

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