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Susie's Mother's Day Gift Guide

Our founder Susie Willis brings us the Mother's Day Edit, where she shares her favourite products from our range to gift to that special woman in your life, or even yourself.

By Sam Sanders


Happy Mother's day to all you fabulous women, whether you are a mother, or indeed just want to celebrate your own mother. It is a special time to reflect on what it means to feel loved and supported, or to love and support. My own mother is now 84 and I feel very blessed that I still have her in my life for however much longer. Every day is precious and time for really looking after that special ‘mother’ in your life, or that mother may be you! 

Either way, we rock!

Everyone needs to feel supported and nurtured and our Night Duty truly delivers here. However much we might like to think that our biological clock only relates to our hormones, we also need to recognise the skin's biology and how it can be supported with the correct formula that targets cell atrophy (demise). This indulgent cream will instantly feed your skin with the correct delivery system of biotech ingredients that have been specifically selected for their scientific data on increasing cell health and reproduction, encouraging your own collagen to be stimulated and hydrating tired and dull skins.

Idle is that unique ‘mixed media edp’ that is truly special, unique and elevated. I honestly have always struggled with falling in love with a perfume. I have had plenty of ‘quick flings’ when introduced to scent, either a friend wearing one or the sound of them, but the reassuring scent that never feels wrong is Idle. It is so subtle yet lasting, curious yet familiar. It is floral yet quite masculine, where earth meets the sea, where poetry honestly is the only place to describe this indescribable perfume. Beware it is addictive and people will say something!

Every ampoule is like you have had a facial at a salon. The instant drench of hydration and slug of vitamins at the start of my day after cleansing, and at bedtime, is a must if you want to see those pesky pigmentation spots start to vanish.

Sea Chamomile is called ‘Nature's Botox’ and is the most compelling eye product I have ever used. My desire was to formulate an eye product that made sense, that worked to deliver what the eye area needed. I was shocked when I heard so many people used their face creams for their eyes, no please no! Your eyes are a totally different architecture and need different and delicate support. This dreamy pen is cooling and uplifting and helps sculpt away any puffiness.

We crammed the most deliverable biotech cell actives into this serum. It needed to be the staple, underpinning product in the range, creating a ONE PRODUCT that did everything for those who want moisture, anti-ageing, uplifting and brightening. It is light, super pretty and is the perfect primer before make-up.

Make her day this Mother’s Day, and enjoy 20% off the edit.



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