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Clean Biotechnology

At Romilly Wilde we are guided by the merging of biology and technology to pioneer innovation and sustainability for skin health. We are at the forefront of innovation with products that achieve real results.


Our formulations and ingredients work with the physiology of the skin to dramatically improve the quality of the skin with cutting edge technologies and clinically proven, measurable, and visible results. The sweet spot where Biotech beauty is most valuable is, that it combines, efficacy, safety and sustainability in one envelope.

Nature Meets Science In Bio Lab

Metabolic Engineering



Biotechnology is the art of science, nature and technology to create bio-based ingredients using fermentation processes.

When nature meets high-tech science in a lab, Biotechnology is created. Biotech produces ingredients combining microbes such as bacteria, fungi and yeast with sophisticated fermentation processes.

The result; High-efficacy, high-purity, safe and sustainable ingredients and formulations that support the skin’s microbiome and delivers the healthiest of skin.

Pure Skincare Ingredients Synthesised With Biotechnology

Efficacy, Purity & Safety

More effective


The starting source and production of our ingredients matters.

Through Biotechnology, our partners are able to manage the production process to ensure consistency and enhanced efficacy, purity and safety of all our ingredients and skincare products.

When microbes synthesise ingredients, this technology allows the ingredients to be produced with higher reliability and better control. Because our ingredients are grown in a controlled environment, formulators can manipulate their growth and development, thus preventing impurities from forming part of the ingredient and our product. Leading to cleaner, purer, safer and more efficacious ingredients.

Biotechnology Ingredients From Natural Plant Life


Naturally Based Ingredients


Biotechnology has the ability to create naturally based ingredients without negatively impacting the environment.

Traditional manufacturing is a multi step process which uses petrochemicals as a starting source. Natural plant-based ingredients require a significant amount of valuable farmland, water, and energy to produce, leaving behind a far greater carbon footprint, whilst extracts from algae and seaweed species are at risk due to rising sea temperatures leading to concerns around the environmental impact of industrial harvesting.

Our planet’s resources are finite and Biotechnology allows us to recreate powerful natural ingredients without negatively impacting our planet, oceans and their biodiversity.