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Green is the New Black

Green Is The New Black – The Conscious Consumerism Movement

By Susie Willis

The Conscious Consumerism Movement

The motivation for us all is to be truly green in beauty and our lifestyle. Our understanding of what it means to be green is two fold. It means sustainable, non-toxic ingredients with a social responsibility towards welfare of animals and vegan where possible. It means using the latest, state of the art airless packaging that ensures integrity of the product, without the need for chemical preservatives, of which the components are all designed to be recycled . In the beauty industry there’s also been a huge shift in recent years, but there is still a long way to go. The future of the beauty industry seems to be heading green: we’ve seen changes over the years with so many brands using the words ‘organic’, ‘clean’ and ‘vegan’.

When Susie Willis was coming up with the Romilly Wilde brand, she found a gap for all natural skin care… so she decided to create it. “To adapt to this ever-growing need for green, it’s everything from the ingredients to the packaging that need to be considered, and we’re proud to say that Romilly Wilde doesn’t just see green as a trend but as a conscious way of life. When we think ‘green’ we don’t think of hugging trees or only eating salads and kale – it’s a statement about those who are progressive and ethically aware. Green has been reframed. Green is the new black.”

Being environmentally-conscious isn’t a new thing but with both the fashion and beauty industry taking serious notice, it’s clear that we’re all making more conscious choices. There are so many things to consider before buying a product, taking into consideration the ethical and environmental impact, looking at sourcing, production and everything in between. For us, everything we create comes from a positive source. We’re honest and transparent about every single element to our brand.

Our skincare took years in the making because research was so crucial to us to create an alternative line of formulas. Our products are part of a new generation of intelligent skincare that deliver a strong, core range of adaptive, high performance skincare. Without the use of chemical preservatives, we communicate how we source all of our ingredients, which are all from sustainably sourced plants and bio-farms, have not had any chemical treatments or preservatives and are free from toxic chemicals. We know our suppliers standards, and we only use actives from suppliers that can prove a full data package proving their efficacy and safety. We also know that every ingredient is there for a purpose and choose the highest quality possible with the most unique nutritional properties. Our results driven formulas with high performance results, and our state-of-the-art ‘high-tech’ airless packaging allows us to preserve everything, ensuring we pick out the best natural ingredients for skin.

We’re proud to say that we consider ourselves to be within a new category of modern naturals, with a clean conscience. Our products have such a mix of key, nutritious, yummy ingredients like our Eye Believe Eye Serum. This wonder product (perfect for nurturing the key areas of the eye, with a boost of hyaluronic acid to restore strength and moisture), includes stimulating actives from Pomegranate, Schisandra, Sea Chamomile, probiotic ferment and Chinese Hibiscus because we know that it’s not enough to simply be a ‘good’ product or a ‘great’ product. It’s important to also be responsible and honest, and carefully select ingredients that aren’t only 100% clean, but also 100% impactful. A green credential is now something we’re looking for when new products or brands.

It’s a way for skincare and beauty brands to differentiate themselves. Buying ‘green’ makes us feel good – and it should, but it’s a slippery slope. Like we said, lots of brands use the words ‘clean’, ‘natural’, ‘organic’ and ‘vegan’ but it’s not uncommon for this to be untrue. ‘Greenwashing’, (where companies use marketing to make it appear that their policies or products are environmentally friendly and meet certain criteria when this isn’t the case), isn’t always easy to spot, especially when you see the words ‘Green Skincare’ or ‘Clean Beauty,’ and take this at face-value. People are sceptical and rightly so. The number of companies making green claims has increased dramatically in recent years because we all know that the consumer demand for more green is increasing too. We recommend doing a bit of research with each brand you buy from to ensure you’re not being ‘greenwashed!’

Are brands consciously going green because we’re all asking for it or is it the other way round, where the businesses have taken the lead and our expectations have now been shaped and evolved? We’re glad that we’re all demanding more conscious products, and we’re also glad that brands like us are recognised for our conscious, clean, no compromise way of life. Businesses are stepping up and recognising that sustainability and ethical concerns are important to people, and there’s been a shift from a moral concern to a business concern.

‘Green Is The New Black’ couldn’t be more fitting for Romilly Wilde. We care about natural skin and whether we’re talking about Natural vs Organic Skincare or Green vs Clean, these are key conversations we’re keen to have to educate and inform. It’s our ethos, in everything that we do and everything that we create. Consumers are more aware of the ecological and ethical impact of what they buy. We know that people don’t want to just buy skincare, they want to believe in what they’re buying and make a conscious choice. What we buy makes a statement. If you’re opting to buy Romilly Wilde products, the statement is simple. Clean. Conscious. No compromise.