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Cellular Beauty That's Skin Deep

We have always been deeply committed to the ethos that true skin health goes deep to a profound cellular level. Read on to understand more...

By Susie Willis


We have always been deeply committed to the ethos that true skin health goes deep to a profound cellular level. It is not enough for a clean skincare product to sit on the surface of the skin and do nothing. The whole point is to penetrate, regenerate and renew the skin’s cells to fight aging actively. Otherwise, what’s the point? This of course starts with one’s own skin metabolism – in short, how the skin functions and how one’s anti-aging skincare products truly promote skin health and cellular repair.

Metabolism comes from a Greek word that loosely translates to change. In our bodies, thousands of metabolic transformations are taking place in our cells, allowing us to grow, reproduce and sustain life. The key to metabolism, whether it is our skin or our bodies, is you guessed it - nutrition. In essence, in order to thrive, regenerate, and repair, our bodies need nutrients! Throughout our life, when our skin metabolism functions well, cell turnover is rapid, exposure to UV damage can be repaired, and collagen (the strongest protein in our body made up of amino acids; Think: skin structure) is produced.

However, in simple - non-headache inducing terms - as we age, one’s skin metabolism slows down and our skin cells (aka fibroblasts) produce less collagen and elastin (the connective tissue that gives our skin its elasticity), which means, looser skin and slower skin repair. From the age of 20 our collagen levels decline at a level of 1.5% a year, at the age of 30 the creation of collagen declines even more, hitting an even more alarming low post menopause. Furthermore, external factors can also exacerbate the process, such as smoking, alcohol consumption, lack of sleep, and sun exposure.

As if that wasn’t enough good news (SIGH), as the skin metabolism slows, skin can also appear more sluggish and dehydrated, resulting in fine lines/wrinkles. But don’t despair, here’s where the solutions appear. For starters, limit your extrinsic ageing - all those external forces that accentuate the aging process. You know the insidious hitlist by now: smoking, alcohol, and sun are the destructive trio that wreak the most havoc on our skin; so avoiding or limiting them at all costs is tantamount. Next, invest in a non-toxic skincare line that prioritises nutrient rich ingredients over anything else. Additionally, most collagen creams that ‘promise’ results sit on the surface of the skin as the molecules are simply too big to penetrate. Instead, the focus should be on using products (such as our RW Supercell Serum) that contain ingredients with smaller molecules that will penetrate more deeply; moreover, ingredients that are packed full of peptides, vitamins and antioxidants that can boost collagen stores and improve elastin.

When it comes to the RW product line, exhaustive research has been done to find these high performing, nutrient-rich ingredients that encourage cell turnover and skin repair. As we believe in a strong  foundation first and foremost, we discovered a world-renowned supplier of plant stem cells, enabling us to create a skincare line that comes from nature itself. We use plant stem cells produced from an innovative and unique biotechnology process based on an industrial scale production of active plant cells that are especially respectful of nature and of skin. These clinically tested actives include SWT-7 *, a patented, high-tech anti-aging ingredient that has revolutionized the beauty industry for its efficacious preservative free functionality.

To name a few more of these plant stem cell ingredients (see here for a more comprehensive list) that encourage skin health on a cellular level.

• Narcissus – great for brightening pigment spots, chock full of anti-aging properties

• Wakame Cell Culture Extract – (brown seaweed), a cellular regenerator helping to oxidise the skin, promotes skin regeneration and aids elasticity

• Chondus Crispus – a seaweed extract (red algae), part of a biopolymer moisturising complex that provides intense hydration for the skin and helps skin avoid oxidisation (the exposure of skin to external elements that can damage/age skin)

Mexican Poppy (also known as yellow thistle) – great for hydration, and anti-aging as it helps to restore lipid levels, also a natural antibacterial and used to treat inflammation

• Saffron – called the most precious spice in the world, incredibly energetic and helps stimulate cell regeneration; increases cell energy and limits free radicals, a powerhouse of a natural antioxidant (another great collagen enhancer)

• Gardenia Cell Extract – a cell culture active that helps encourage cell turnover and collagen production

• Swertia Chirata Extract* – (SWT-7) an iridoid extracted from Indian gentian leaves that is a natural anti-aging ingredient based on stem cell science. It helps to regenerate a thinning epidermis and improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

• Prickly Pear – (belonging to the cactus family) contains high concentrations of vitamin E and K, fatty and amino acids. Great for treating inflammation, promoting collagen renewal, and anti-aging properties.

There are also other ways to stimulate collagen and give the skin a helping hand from cell to surface. Facial massage is an easy way (and economical as you can do it yourself!) to boost oxygen and increase cell turnover, not to mention aids in lymphatic drainage and decongesting the skin. Another mantra one should adopt wholeheartedly, ‘hydration from the inside out.’ Not to mention ensuring your diet is rich in antioxidants, nutrients and omega fatty acids. This begins in sustainably, organically sourced foods that have not been robbed of their nutrients and pumped full of toxic chemicals our bodies do not need or want! Furthermore, sleep, sleep and more sleep. It is called the elixir of life for a reason. We also support treatment tools such as LED light treatment and micro-needling that aid in skin regeneration and renewal from a cellular level. 

As we see it, the more active, penetrating nutrition for your skin translates to more profound results. So, instead of thinking surface, think cellular when it comes to skin beauty!