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A Walk into Wellness

For those of you who understand the power of MIND BODY connection, this will resonate. For those of who are cynical and think that this is a 1970’s throwback ‘hippy movement’, this will prove otherwise.

By Anthea Anka

For those of you who understand the power of MIND BODY connection and have committed to not only clean beauty, but a clean, conscious lifestyle, this will resonate.  For those of who are cynical and think that this is a 1970’s throwback ‘hippy movement’, this will prove otherwise.

The concept of Wellness is not new.  The conscious practice of taking our health and happiness into our own hands has been in peoples lives for decades. This commitment at a grass-roots level has evolved into a much more hi-tech, advanced version that works alongside our current lifestyles and desire for knowledge and truth.  This ‘alternative’ approach is effective and plausible and the only way we knew how to prevent disease from our ancestors, before modern medicine took the lead.  We have a great deal to learn from our forefathers and it is paramount that we consider their findings and find a respectful balance between this primary knowledge and our contemporary interpretation.

Stress is the biggest ageing factor to our physiological health.  We instinctively adopt a ‘fight or flight’ reaction, whether physical, psychological or on a cellular level.  Alleviating some of the stress makes a significant change in how our bodies can recover, and there are a host of really effective ways in which you can 'Walk into Wellness'.



  • Power Naps (use a Calm app) to get you there.  Just 20 minutes will make all the difference. Sleep is hugely restorative.
  • Sound Baths by Sound Sebastien, An immersive, sensory experience, a "sound bath" offers the chance to switch off the mind, open the heart and calm the spirit. A moment in time for yourself to be enveloped in a wave of therapeutic tones, it's a session to reset and renew. It is as simple as lying back in a restful space, closing your eyes and allowing the sound in. The tones produced by Crystal Singing Bowls are heard by the ear and felt in the body, with certain tones affecting your energy centres (chakras) for balancing and meditation. The bowl shape gives the sound similar characteristics to the human voice, which is why they are known as singing bowls.

  • Yoga - Researchers found that yoga outperformed aerobic exercise at improving balance, flexibility, strength, pain levels among seniors, menopausal symptoms, daily energy level, and social and occupation functioning, among other health parameters. Yoga does more than calm you down and make you flexible. 
  • HeartCore or Sangye Yoga are our favourite yoga studios to visit.

Yoga, Twins

  • Whilst much of the activity in the body takes place on an unconscious level, it is possible that activities like these play a deliberate part in our wellbeing, particularly opiate receptors and endorphins.  There are certain mythical disciplines who are able, through breath training, to alter perceptions, such as Lamaze breathing during childbirth.  These techniques can have immediate influence on our stress levels, and need no equipment or training.

    Once we have reduced stress, the healing process is triggered.  Then our cells can renew and we can start a journey of wellness that does not need the support of prescriptive drugs to alter our bodies natural desire to self-care. 

    Environmental medicine is now more important than ever, with our bodies and entire systems being invisibly challenged on a daily basis.  This emphasises the acute state of our bodies as a result of environmental stressors.  Don’t even get us started on the heavy metals and toxic chemicals found in some ‘natural’  brands.  Please look out for companies that firmly claim to be 100% natural, 100% non toxic or 100% clean.  You can also be confident that vegan brands have to go through very thorough audits to ascertain their use of materials in a range, so this can often be the litmus test on brands that have the right attitude to a conscious commitment to wellness.  The same with animal welfare.

    Night Duty Vegan Moisturiser Cream

    Our entire range of natural skincare will help you on your journey too, and at the moment, in preparation for winter, our Night Duty Night Crème will help support and energise your skin during these challenging weeks ahead of changeable weather.  Also during the party season, our systems are often in recovery mode, so sleep is more important.  Night time recovery plays a huge part, so slather yourself with nurturing and collagen rich Night Duty to ensure you wake up looking like a superstar.

    Take a walk on the Wilde Side and walk into wellness.