The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” – Coretta Scott King


Continuing our theme this month towards consciousness and clarity, we wanted to highlight the importance of community and the communal spirit as the vital thread that connects the web of humanity. Going forward, we are also keen to consciously examine the ways that we can create a greater sense of community as a business and in our personal lives, as we as a society strive to lay the foundation for a stronger, more unified collective.


The term community – bearing its essence in its root, “common” and “unity” – can be defined as the establishment of a collective in which humans are connected by common attributes and mutual goals. These attributes and goals are of course far reaching and varied – from the micro to the macro – and are what truly binds us as a society. Be it the small community you surround yourself in your family unit, the building in which you live, your work community, your children’s school, your religion/culture, or even sporting or hobbies you engage in. We establish and seek out communities to build a sense of belonging and togetherness that gives us purpose, strength in numbers, and a sense of identity.


Of late, we have truly seen the power of community in the face of global challenges that have arisen. The formidable strength of our medical community who have faced the pandemic head on with grace and fortitude is only as strong as the outer community that supports them. This collective mindset, that we are all in this together, has been essential in enabling them to do their work and express our profound appreciation for that effort. It has also galvanised members of society to get involved, volunteer and help those within the community that may need extra care and attention. This act of benevolence for others spreads the message that we do not, and should not, engage in an individualist mentality. For our strength as a society truly lies in our ability to engage and connect with one another.


The last few months has also shown what a galvanised community can do in regards to its power at unifying and eradicating division. Be it making an unheard voice suddenly robust in its collective strength or helping to bring about change on a wider scale through the power of numbers. A communal spirit is the glue that binds human beings together and says, despite our differences or opposing points of view, we all have a similar goal – to ensure

our human right to exist in a fair and equal manner, establish roots, provide for our families and be respected by all members of society.


In regards to our business community, we at Romilly Wilde have always emphatically believed that establishing a community based on mutual respect and loyalty, be it with our suppliers, distributors and especially our customers is vital in measuring success. It is important for us a business – and as human beings – that our community also thrives on transparency, a dedication to educating ourselves as much as possible (on every level) and a mutual goal to lessen our environmental impact. Community in its very essence is sharing our human experience and exclaiming emphatically to any divisive forces that to be human is to be unified in togetherness and tantamount to all else.