As we danced through June with our focus on consciousness and clarity, we wanted to shine the light on how we have adapted how we communicate over the last few months. Having to socially distance ourselves from friends, loved ones and colleagues meant a redefining of how we connect with others, as well as highlighted the communication skills we had relied upon in the past (for some it was a positive reminder that these skills perhaps needed a tune up!). For many, isolation meant a reliance on social media, video conferencing, and an online dependence for school, clubs and even socialising.


We were also compelled to examine what came out of these new ways of communicating with others. For many, a profound patience and reliance on listening was essential – especially on Zoom calls with the ever-switching screens when a mere sound was uttered! This focus on listening was not just to those in our close proximity, or colleagues staring at us from our computer screen. It also provoked a deeper listening to oneself, allowing us to examine what this pause in our once chaotic lives brought to the surface. Be it emotions, anxieties or dreams that were now beckoning us to realise.


These past few months also allowed us the space to re-examine the role of touch within communication. With an enforced (2 metre!) shift away from handshakes, hugs and physical contact, suddenly communication was forced to take on a whole new appearance. Our expressions, eyes, and voices took on a new power, not to mention, our inability to show affection to friends/family had a profound effect on some. On the positive side, this highlighted the content and poignancy of connection in its true form, in essence, what was said and shared was definitely not taken for granted.


The past few months has also allowed us as a society to question how we communicate on a wider scale, be it through the media or our community, and truly understand the sheer power of our words, messages and movements growing within society. Now more than ever, we are presented with the opportunity to question how we create a better society through communication; be it truly educating ourselves to our differences and galvanising us to communicate how these different experiences can in fact unite us as opposed to creating further division.


Here at Romilly Wilde, as we are always akin to reflect on whatever life sends our way, we ask you to do the same. Perhaps this period of time has taught

you things about how you communicate, and the place it truly holds in your life. Hopefully it has made us all realise the profound power of words, emotions and our connection to others.