As we gently move into another season, this month we wanted to focus our attention on Consciousness and Clarity. And what better place to start than shining a spotlight on our planet and exploring the ways we can move forward consciously to lower our environmental impact. During the last few months, the effects of humans retreating into isolation has meant a well needed respite for Mother Earth, allowing her to flourish and regenerate. Globally, lower carbon emissions have been reported, in some areas up to 50%, nitrogen oxide emissions are down over 30% and coal emissions have dropped by 36% percent in many areas due to factory closures. Additionally, air quality has also improved with the reduction in traffic, air travel and overall production. Due to economic necessities, this sadly can’t be the new reality in totality, but it should give us pause to truly understand our human impact on the planet.


It has also been a time of re-examination causing us to highlight many of our lifestyle choices and how they make an impact on a grand scale; specifically, our dependence on consumerism, travel, and mass production. In a positive way, it has caused us to reflect and question our actual “needs,” and streamline what is truly essential in our lives. Be it, an overall look at the purchases we make – from clothes, to trinkets, to that third flat white we just had to have, to how we get to work. Not to mention the ingredients of the food we eat and products we put on our skin. It is now more important than ever to question the source of where things come from and what changes we can make to lessen our impact on the environment. It is also vital to understand that our environmental actions (or lack thereof) have a repercussive effect on others, especially those in more disadvantaged areas. Soil erosion, overexploitation of natural resources, and plastic consumption can all affect an area’s crop nutrition, sanitation needs, water quality and overall living conditions. The sooner we realise that what we do at home can have a far-reaching effect on others, the better.


As a business, this clarity and consciousness compels us to re-examine our own environmental values and look at how we can proceed sustainably and responsibly – from how ingredients are sourced, transported, packaged and delivered. In essence, conveying with transparency what that journey looks like and the plans we hold for the future to lower our impact. This examination also reinforces our steadfast ethos that we have always adhered to: Clean, active ingredients derived from the power of nature, with no compromise are not just for the health of our skin, but for the health of our planet.


So how will you move forward this month, and what questions can you ask yourself to bring about a more conscious look at how we live? It’s an exciting time and we are eager to make this journey together – with one consciousness and one planet in mind