Here at Romilly Wilde, we have embraced 2020 as a year of conscious living and defining what things truly mean to us, be it Clean Beauty or our take on certain holidays. In this spirit, we’ve decided to pass up the store-bought chocs and take-aways this Valentine’s Day and redefine the day for ourselves, with a bit more consciousness and a little less commercialism. Our plan: to emphasize a bit of self-love, love for others, and of course love for the planet at large.


This year, instead of fighting the masses for that last restaurant reservation and box of cherry filled hearts, we thought it was time to think outside the chocolate box. For starters, we’re big advocates of self-care and what better than a day that highlights love to show ourselves we too our deserving. Be it, curling up with our favourite film or book, putting on a nourishing face mask, or shutting out the world by committing to an hour of nurturing silence (no screens, no phones, no news!). The day’s focus: we too are capable of giving ourselves well-earned gifts.


There are also many ways to show your partner how cherished they are without leaning into the usual conventions. Instead of splashing out on a gift that may miss the mark, why not give your partner a restorative face massage (with our RW Active Boost Face Oil). The attention and care will go far beyond anything found in a store.


Other ideas up our proverbial sleeve:

  • How about cooking a recipe from your favourite region.
  • Making vegan chocolate (‘cleaner’ than store bought)
  • Or buying a succulent plant instead of another box of truffles – they last longer, make any room look better, and are easy to care for!

Most importantly, we also plan to spend this Valentine’s Day showing Mother Earth some well-needed love. Not only is she (oh so!) deserving, but little acts of kindness towards the planet can go a long way to help our global community; be it planting a tree, picking up litter on a beach or in a forest, or donating to an environmental charity. If we all took part, these little actions could have reverberating effects.


So you’ve heard our plans for this Valentine’s Day.


We are curious, tell us, how do you plan to spend the day?