In light of World Happiness Day, what better time to ask ourselves how we define it on a human level; in essence, what truly fulfils you, mind, body and soul, with contentment? With all that is confronting the world at the moment, it is also a wonderful opportunity to seek out “happiness” in all its many splendorous forms. From the big, more obvious sources of happiness, to the small gems of joy that can be found in the most unlikely of places.


For many, happiness is not a perquisite, but on the contrary, a choice; a lens in which we see the world that needs to be cultivated and nurtured. When you strip things back to the sheer feeling of happiness, we at Romilly Wilde believe it always begins with the little things that can be found all around us. This is not saying that the big things in life do not bring happiness, as of course they can and do. But it’s important to recognise and embrace that it can also be the little things that inspire, nurture, and delight us.


The beauty of happiness is that is never relegated to one form, it can be ever changing and often intangible. For some, happiness may be found in the senses: the smell of home cooking, classical music emanating from the radio, the laughter of your children, or the taste of that first, rich cup of coffee in the morning. For others, happiness can come in the form of others: conversations with a best friend, the bond of sisterhood or our favourite artist that inspires and feeds our soul. In short, happiness is a feeling inspired from something… and that something is the most important part of all. Be it finding happiness from our jobs, our family, our aesthetic surroundings or in the simple wonders of nature that give in immeasurable ways, true happiness is being able to recognise and harness those moments when they present themselves.


So ask yourself, what makes you truly happy? And take note, because right now, those little things will indeed make the world of difference.