We at Romilly Wilde have always believed in the resplendent power of nature, not only its nutrient rich plant-powered influence in skincare but its transformative effect on our overall peace of mind. In essence, how nature calms, energises and inspires us mind, body and soul. In light of the recent changes in the world and demand to make our homes our haven, it is now more important than ever to surround ourselves with all the benefits nature can bring.

With this in mind, we wanted to explore some helpful suggestions to seek out nature wherever you can, and with our time outdoors limited to brief periods of exercise, we suggest truly making those moments count. For starters, leave your phone behind to limit distractions and allow yourself to truly engage in nature with your senses wide open. Listen to the sounds that come with spring, take in the blossoming trees and foliage all around us, smell the flowers in bloom. Wherever you may be, the tapestry of nature is never without a vivid reminder of its beauty.

If you have access to a garden or an allotment, use this time wisely and productively. Plant sunflowers to truly turn up the sunshine, pot up some veg (herbs, salad leaves, spinach, beetroot, dwarf French beans, potatoes and dwarf carrots will all do well in containers if space is limited), craft a bird feeder with your children using a variety of objects from your home (that can be used outdoors, or on a windowsill), or string fairy lights in the trees, making the view from your window extra magical especially at night. Lastly, with the significant reduction in air pollution and carbon emissions, the sky has never been clearer for star gazing. Grab a blanket and try and spot as many constellations as you can!

If you don’t have a garden, don’t let that stop you from bringing nature in! Be it incorporating nature sounds while you do your meditation, creating an indoor herb garden, or planting window boxes to give your windowsills a flash of colour, there are plenty of ways to engage with nature without going outside. Another few ideas to get you and your children’s creative juices flowing: craft nature inspired artwork to hang on the walls, teach your children how to cultivate their green thumb by tending/growing indoor plants, or engage in wide variety of nature inspired arts and crafts that can involve the entire family.

So let nature be your guide and your inspiration this spring and find ways to engage with it however you can. It will bring peace, restoration and creativity to your life in immeasurable ways.