Many people ask us where the name ‘Romilly Wilde’ originates.  It is a name that is close to the heart of our Founder, Susie Willis.  Romilly is an old family name and one that conjures the image of a romantic English scene, with unique, eccentric feminine cues.  Wilde is the free-spirited, adventurous and curious personality of this clean active skincare line, that endeavours to pursue a conscious approach to life, continuously seeking to enquire, challenge and make positive change, both on a personal level and beyond. Romilly Wilde is clean beauty personified.

This mindset has led us to meet some remarkable individuals.  We have started conversations and shared stories with likeminded ‘Wilde Women’ who are adventurers, explorers and travel journalists.  All with a love for travel, wellbeing and a desire to connect with people who are passionate about the natural world. We will keep you updated with these stores when they are collected after our Wilde Women event in 2019.

The appetite for discovery and journey is a big part of Romilly Wilde and our constant source of inspiration.  Some of our key materials are found in the wild corners of the earth, in extreme environments. It is these ‘survivor’ plants that fascinate us, with their remarkable innate structures that ensures survival, reproduction and activity. These plants have evolutionarily adapted to thrive in highly stressful environments, such as extremely high or low pH soils, very high or very low temperatures, highly saline soils, or geochemically toxic soils.


The appetite for discovery and journey is a big part of Romilly Wilde and our constant source of inspiration.  Some of our key materials are found in the wild corners of the earth, in extreme environments.



As part of our search, we get immersed in the culture, environment and social aspect of these extraordinary places.  Some of these countries include the extremely cold temperatures of Mongolia, to extreme heat in Deserts, part of a wider classification of regions called “drylands.”  Did you know that the largest hot desert in the world, is northern Africa’s Sahara, which reaches temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius. Some of these survivor plants grow very long roots that reach all the way down to deep underground water and can live to be hundreds of years old.

It is these intelligent plant stem cells that modern science can study and thanks to bio-farming, can replicate their living conditions and grown them sustainably without stripping the environment or using chemical fertilisers.  Thank you to mother nature for these remarkable plants in these beautiful landscapes.



Travelling to countries where we want to explore the unusual, remote and beautiful natural world, must be done with plenty of planning, consideration and respect.  There are plenty of conscious, ethical travel specialists who performs environmental audits of all their trips.

A favourite is a club founded in 2012 by former Royal Marines officer Calum Morrison.  TheExtraordinary Adventure Club combines transformative personal development techniques with bespoke wilderness expeditions that are individually designed around a client’s psychological make-up and therapeutic journey.

From trekking with nomads through the Sudanese desert, motor biking across the Mongolian wilderness, training with a Zimbabwean anti-poaching unit to husky sledging across a Norwegian mountain plateau, these life-affirming challenges are at the heart of the Extraordinary Adventure Club’s (EAC) unique transformational process driven towards personal mastery and self-discovery.

The EAC has achieved remarkable success in resolving a wide range of issues from anxiety, loss of life direction and low self-esteem, to emotional breakdown, addiction recovery and destructive behavioural cycles through a pragmatic and experiential approach. It is run by an inspired team comprising of ex-military personnel, all of whom have learnt essential life lessons in hostile environments, and internationally renowned psychotherapists, counsellors, holistic practitioners, coaches and mentors.


This is not a short-term fix and requires a long-term commitment to tackle conditioning forged over many years. No two programmes are the same and clients are encouraged to commit to an initial engagement of six months, including an induction retreat in the Scottish Highlands, at least two wilderness expeditions – each lasting up to a fortnight – and regular face-to-face coaching and mentoring sessions. This support is consolidated with weekly correspondence and conversations, a closing retreat and on-going contact, with many clients continuing to engage the EAC in supporting their longer-term development.

The bespoke EAC programmes are intensive opportunities for self-discovery, unlocking and activating the client’s inherent resilience and recalibrating their perceptions of themselves and the world around them. Clients are stretched -emotionally and physically – enabling them to access untapped potential and hidden strengths, resulting in renewed confidence and reconnection with their authentic selves and personal purpose.

Take a walk on the Wilde Side and share your stories with us.  We will pull together your ‘Wilde Journeys’ and share this via this platform.  If you need sponsorship please do get in touch with

When travelling, your skin saving companions are the 100% natural  travel size Power Pair, in 30ml bottles.  This ultimate travel set with vegan credentails will protect, balance and hydrate you during your long-haul flight and will ensure that your skin is prepped for the challenges ahead.  Our Wilde Dreams sleep mask will also ensure that you arrive well rested and energised for your adventures.