Here is the good news, summer has officially returned and the sun has finally decided to grace us with its presence. The temptation of course is to shed our layers in a mad frenzy, grab our shades and head outside to bask in the sun’s vitamin D enriched glow. Undoubtedly, anyone that is mindful of their skin and anti aging musts, knows that the leading cause of aging is exposure to UVA/UVB rays. And of course, over exposure without proper protection and the absence of a well-balanced clean skin routine can result in skin damage that is the hardest to undo.

So, what to do?


A proper skincare routine that focuses on hydration and exfoliation during the summer months is essential. That’s where your clean and energetic products come in! So, before you head out with beach bag in hand, do a proper cleanse with our Light & Energy Serum Cleanser (£39) to properly hydrate your skin and prepare it for the rising temperatures. Our oil-centric cleanser bursting with 10 different oils, 15 flower/plant botanical extracts, and manuka honey to aid natural healing properties, will give your skin that added boost it needs to conquer the summer months. At day’s end (or shall I say, post beach), when your skin is crying out for extra hydration, the L&E cleanser is also multi-functional, serving as a mask to soothe and balance overtaxed skin. Pop it on for 10 minutes while you sip on something cool and replenish on every front.

Exfoliation is also an important step when coming out of winter hibernation to slough dead skin cells, encourage renewal, prevent clogged pores, giving your skin that all over glow. However, many exfoliators on the market contain plastic microbeads that wreak havoc on our environment. These little culprits not only fill up our oceans with even more plastic, but they are unable to be filtered out by our sewage systems. Which you guessed it, means that through what we eat, and the inability to be filtered, they end up right back in our bodies. If that isn’t reason enough, many exfoliants can be abrasive on our delicate facial skin, especially around the eyes. Therefore, tread gently, ditch the abrasive products and use our organic muslin cloth post cleanse. Additionally, our gentle Eye Believe Eye Serum (£75)brimming with a spectrum of natural plant cells and proanthocyanidins (found in grape seeds) will hydrate the most delicate of areas.

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Skin protection also includes creating a barrier between your skin against pollution and free radicalsthat life sends our way. “When you leave an apple or avocado on the counter and it turns brown,” Suzanne Le Roux, green beauty expert explains, “that is an example of oxidation or deterioration caused by free radicals.” Here at Romilly Wilde, our Advanced Supercell Serum £110 is packed full of antioxidants and multi peptides, forming a natural botanical assault against those pesky, unwanted radicals. “Antioxidants are compounds that can be found in food and skincare that stop or delay damage to our cells,” explains Dr. Noelani Gonzalez, M.D, director of cosmetic dermatology at Mount Sinai West in New York City. “They work by binding to free radicals, which prevents them from binding to your healthy cells and damaging them.” If that wasn’t enough, our super serum also contains hyaluronic acid  the moisture molecule.  As we age, our natural levels of hyaluronic acid become depleted, leaving skin looking dehydrated, prone to lines and overall dullness. By applying hyaluronic to the skin, it serves as a sponge by attracting moisture to your skin. And when it comes to your skin, the more moisture, the better.


And of course, the name of the game during the summer is Protection with a capital P, so investing in a good mineral sunscreen is tantamount. Obviously, we at Romilly Wilde suggest opting for a clean, non-toxic broad-spectrum sunscreen. Chemical filled sunscreens can often disrupt our hormonal orendocrine systems, not to mention, clog our skin and lead to breakouts. A few we love: Scent Free Facial Sun Cream, SPF 30, by Green People, Anti-Wrinkle Suncare, SPF 50, by Caudalie, and Jason’s Family Natural Sunscreen SPF 45 – all good more natural alternatives.

So, this summer, get out there and soak it all in. Part of good, well-balanced skin, is also taking the time to let your hair down and enjoy the moments. Just don’t forget to hydrate (inside and out) and protect your skin; consider it (the best) investment towards the future of your face! We may be on holiday, but dedication to a balanced, clean skincare routine is a full-time commitment.