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Energetic Formulations


All our active molecules & plants cells come from innovative & patented biotechnology, ensuring the natural planet is protected for a fully sustainable, conscious approach to beauty.

Each cell is suspended in glycerine & living organisms, such as probiotic compounds (Lactobacillus), providing the safest environment by delivering these ‘mother cells’ at their most potent quality, protecting the skin’s natural micro-biome. This nutritive medium & the ‘conscious’ development of formulae create our unique, clean, clinical skincare line.

Your skin recognises & metabolises these ingredients as they remain intact as plant stem cells, rather than extracts. Without unnecessary materials to negate, compromise or block the natural process of healing, our products are a familiar ally, thus you will notice and immediate change in your skin.


AHA’s… natural exfoliators shed dead skin to reduce signs of ageing

BIOFERMENT… creates hyaluronic acid to deepen skin nutrition

PHOSPHOLIPIDS/LIPIDS… forms a barrier against environmental stressors to support cell health

SWT-7L… Stem cell technology boosts skin recovery and health

BIO-RETINOL… gentler than synthetic versions, to treat signs of ageing and problem skin

TEGO TUMERONE… anti-inflammatories bring radiance and even skin tone

THALASSINE 2G… Natures botox inhibits natural muscle relaxing and boosts collagen

RUBISTEM… heals broken capillaries and soothes inflammation to bring an even complexion

GATULINE IN-TENSE MB… stimulates biomechanical function of the skin, reinforcing the dermis architecture to fight signs of ageing.


STANDSTILL ROSE – ROSA DAMASCENA LEAF CELL Increases dermis cell activity to decrease wrinkles & crow’s feet

INSIDELIGHT POETS NARCISSUS GLY – NARCISSUS POETICUS CALLUS Reduces pigmentation & lightens dark spots, leaving a luminous, even complexion

OVERNIGHT ENHANCE (MJ+C) – MIRABILIS JALAP CALLUS Scientifically proven to boost night time skin recovery after just one application

POWER EXTENSION (HSB+R) – HIBISCUS SYRIACUS CALLUS Stimulates cell metabolism to decrease wrinkles

HYDRASOURCING (AM+PS) – ARGEMONE MEXICANA CALLUS Full moisturising action to relaunch short and long term hydration, flexibility & tone


ALL EVEN SWEET IRIS – IRIS PALLIDA CELL Redensifies the skin for a firmer, more elastic surface

LIGHT+ENERGYSAFFRON – CROCUS SATIVUS, IRIDACEAE Energises the skin metabolism & stimulates cell function leaving a glowing complexion

PURIFY WHITE WATER LILYS – NYMPHAEA ALBA LEAD CELL Regenerative, balancing, purifying & detoxifying… highperformance cells that leave radiant, soothed skin

DERMALUXRX LUSHIELD – OSMANTHUS FLOWER CELL Minimises fibroblast collapse by detoxifying skin proteins, building a robust, protected skin

INITIALE (PR+TMG) – POLIANTHES TUBEROSA CALLUS Increases overall circulation & energy, bringing brightness and energy to the skin