Not everyone is a morning person, and regardless of your energy levels first thing in the morning, we all have morning skincare routines that pretty much ensure that we have a good start to the day.  It is more than likely that you are not even aware of the rituals you have, and until further examination, you realise that we are all creatures of habit.

This is something that is set in our habits and is an integral part of who we are.  Do you reach for a coffee the minute you peel yourself away from your bed, or do you go straight to your yoga mat for gentle stretching and morning mantras.

“This is me doing a little outdoor yoga with my sheepish friends!”

I cannot offer anything particularly startling or exciting.  My morning routine suits my lifestyle and depends on whether I am in London or in the country.  If in London, I do start my day with exercise.  Often in the local gym in the winter or runs in the summer, either way exercise is key to my day.  As with most forms of exercise, I tend to not have breakfast first, but maybe a nibble on a banana and a ginger and lemon tea.  It is then followed by body brushing and a shower.

As part of my beauty regimen I will always use natural ingredients.  Naturally I use my own skincare line and the most versatile is the Cleanser.  I apply the Romilly Wilde ‘Light + Energy Serum Cleanser’before I get in the shower.  The longer you leave it on, all those fabulous oils and plant actives can do their work for a healthy and glowing complexion. 

I am a good old fashioned bar of soap person as I have more confidence in natural soaps than I do in foaming gels or shower creams.  There is one particularly gorgeous soap that I love from a Parisien perfumer called Sabe Masson.  As you all know, scent is hugely important to me and this Georges et Moi scented soap is so pretty, soft and gentle.  It is a Vegan Shea butter rich soap that respects the skins balance, and gently hydrates and perfumes you in such a pretty, subtle, fresh way. 

The body brush I love is from Burstenhaus Redecker. This monster massage brush is also known as a ‘Monastery Brush’ and has ionic copper bristles.  Use the dry brush daily to remove and prevent dry skin, to combat cellulite, enhance the skin, for increased energy and to create balance and well-being. Brush with long straight strokes towards the heart in order to stimulate the nervous system, blood circulation and the lymph system.  I use two brushes, one for each hand. 

I tend to follow a very simple liver detox juice first thing. It is a simple blend to make. 

8 fl oz Apple Juice

1 whole lemon (juice)

1 tbsp Olive Oil

1 clove garlic

Grated ginger 

Whizzed up in a Nutribullet it is actually quite delicious, and the garlic is not offensive (or maybe I should ask my husband!).  Keeps me full till lunchtime.

I then do a ritual of oil pulling.  This is a traditional method of mouth cleansing. I use simple coconut oil and gargle around my mouth for 5 minutes.  Oil pulling, also known as “Kavala” or “Gundusha,” is an ancient Ayurvedic dental technique that draws out toxins in your body, primarily to improve oral health but also to improve your overall health.

This has kept all the winter bugs at bay, and my mouth as fresh as a daisy.  It really does work.  For further information, check out

I then remove the ‘Light + Energy Serum Cleanser’ with the fabulous, exfoliating muslin cloth that is provided, and pat my skin dry.  It already feels glowing but I then use the Romilly Wilde ‘Power Pair’ together to layer according to how my skin is feeling that day. The Advanced SuperCell Serum  is perfect for dry skin and works  a day hydrator and when I combine with a dose of the Active Boost Face Oil, I feel truly nourished.  I finish with an application of ‘Eye Believe’ and pat around my eyes, and I feel ready, primed and fresh faced and bushy tailed, ready for the day. 

Oh, and then I do get dressed, promise.