Here at Romilly Wilde we have always placed importance on mindfulness – in our choices, thoughts and actions, being mindful has positive effects over all aspects of our lives. So this month, we are excited to kick off MINDFUL MAY as a way to celebrate, honour and explore mindfulness in all its beneficial glory.

In honour of this, we’ve also partnered with Mental Health Mates, an organisation that not only champions mindfulness in its approach, but one that supports those suffering with mental health challenges and offers support, kindness and the power of the collective, when now more than ever, supportive connection is essential.

Started in 2016 with a single tweet by Bryony Gordon, asking others to join her for a walk around the Serpentine in London, Mental Health Mates uses the peer collective approach to provide support, companionship and community to those struggling with mental health issues. Over the last few years, a network of peer support groups has flourished, facilitated by people with mental health issues. From meeting up to walk (virtual walks now available) exercise, joining an online book club or simply gathering for a non-judgemental supportive talk, the ethos of Mental Health Mates is that you are not alone and support is all around you.

For the month of May, we will be donating 10% of sales to this worthwhile cause. 

Bryony Gordon says, “At a time when community has never been more important, we’re delighted to partner with Romilly Wilde who will generously be raising money to help us continue our missions and support those who are struggling with their mental health. Like us, the brand believes in the power of human connection. At Mental Health Mates we give those who need it an outlet to be a part of the discussions they need and want to have.”

So this May, follow us on our journey through mindfulness. Maybe it will inspire a longstanding goal of yours, lead you on an explorative quest deeper into yourself, or simply remind you to take a moment and be in the now. Whatever it may be, we are excited to see where it takes us.