Face it, skincare is not exclusive to women – hear that, men?! Skin is skin and men are just as susceptible to external forces like lifestyle, pollution, and sun exposure. So instead of thinking you are immune or furtively stealing your partner’s skincare products, it’s high time you overtly commit to a skincare regime.


Don’t worry you can wade in slowly, we won’t bite.

In truth, the male skincare market is exploding and men are becoming more knowledgeable and conscious when it comes to taking care of themselves and the planet. Not to mention, when it comes to men’s skin (hate to break it to you ladies) it is not only thicker than women’s, but it also has a higher collagen density – hence it is a bit more resilient to ageing. Saying this, men are just as susceptible to skin conditions, congestion, de-hydration, and have greater sebum production than women; which can result in acne that reaches into adulthood. In short, washing one’s face with body wash in the shower and putting hand cream on your face as you dash for the tube does not a skincare regime make!


A few suggestions to get you started:

· Cleanse – i.e. Clean your Face, with our RW Cleanser. Pollution and certain lifestyle choices (you know the ones by now) wreak havoc on skin – not to mention, sweating, hand to face transfer and facial beards etc. In short, a good cleanse is imperative!

· Exfoliate – Slough away dull looking skin by using our muslin cloth to cut down on in-grown hairs and promote cell turnover.

· Hydrate: Dehydration is not just a female skin issue (dehydrated skin = increased appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, sallow and dull skin, dark circles around eyes). Investing in RW’s Active Boost Face Oil to lock in the moisture will go a long way in turning back the years and nourishing the skin. Not to mention, post shaving, a nourishing facial oil is incredibly nurturing and soothing.

· Embrace nutrition – Nutrition is not just about carb counting and intermittent fasting. You take care of your body, so time to focus on your skin health as well. Embrace our antioxidant rich Advanced Supercell Serum, it’s a plant-powered, nutritional powerhouse.

· Don’t Forget the Eyes – Invest in an EYE Serum. Yes, men have dark circles too! In some ethnicities, pigmentation and dark circles are extremely prevalent, so attention to the eye area is a must.

· SPF – Don’t forget to apply sunscreen year-round – when it comes the sun’s effects, statistically men need to be extra vigilant and more conscious about applying sunscreen.


And most importantly…

· Accessibility – Make your skincare products accessible. Put a cleanser in the shower, gym bag, or your locker at work etc. Anything to make it easier to grab clean skincare over a product that is not meant for your face!

So men, it’s high time to destigmatise beauty and embrace that skincare is NOT gender specific. The clean skin truth: it doesn’t take long or much to make a big difference when it comes to your skin health.