Now more than ever, our homes have become a place of solace from the outside world enabling us to find a sense of balance and calm in a challenging time. This is also a profoundly unique period of time unlike any other we have experienced, and it is the use of this time that is the most vital; In light of our seclusion at home, it is the opportune moment to perhaps put those long held dreams into action, seek out educational and creative outlets and examine ourselves in a deeper, more introspective way. Moreover, it is incredibly important to note, that distancing does not mean being disconnected. On the contrary, it is essential to stay connected not only to oneself but with your loved ones and friends.


So, firstly, our tips on how to transform your home into a haven and create a space that supports creativity, productivity and calm. The aim: focus on the senses – how your home looks, smells and sounds has never been more important.


· Burn your favourite candles. Lavender, peppermint, rosemary and honeysuckle are all soothing scents that encourage relaxation and calm. Oil diffusers are also an amazing way to infuse your home with enriching and calming scents.

· Music has never been a better way to create an atmosphere. Use the time to explore new musical genres. Not to mention, many artists are now streaming live concerts so fans can enjoy their favourite music from the comfort of their own sitting rooms.

· Delineate a space that is “free of.” Free from: screens, news, work and external distractions, even talking. Use the space to truly unwind and re-charge.

· Organisation and de-cluttering of spaces can also go a long way to a more balanced mind and harmonious space.

· Don’t forget the power of aesthetics on your overall mood. Art, plants, flowers and textiles do wonders in creating a peaceful, colourful environment.


Once your new haven at home is conducive to making the most of the space, the use of our time has never been more potentially transformative.


A few tips and recommendations to get you started on your journey:

· For online yoga, meditation and mindful tutorials, or are great ways to recalibrate your mind, body and spirit. · Dive into the world of podcasts. From mindful discussions that explore sound baths, or guided meditations, to philosophy, science and psychology, there has never been a better time to expand one’s mind. Podcasts to explore: Stuff You Should Know, Motherhood Sessions, Woman’s Hour, The History of Literature or This American Life, are all great places to start on your podcast journey.

· Begin a new hobby. From cooking, to knitting, to DIY, the internet is teaming with tutorials to teach you ‘how to’ on pretty much any subject out there.

· Stay connected by arranging play dates online – be it for you, the adults, or for your children. The Houseparty app is a great way to bring everyone together, even if you’re miles apart. Other ideas, start an online book club or cook with a friend and each pick a recipe?

· Take an educational course or obtain up a new qualification.

· Start a new business. Use the hours available to do your research, create a business plan and put that long shelved dream into action.

· Hone your creativity. Be it writing, painting, crafting or music, the hours are there to delve into your creative side like never before.

· Connect with your spirituality – whatever it may be that feeds your soul, there are online, social gatherings using video conferencing, bringing us together spiritually and creating a sense of community.


So use the time wisely and proactively as best you can, be it unleashing your creativity or striving to move a dream forward. It is the perfect time to not only challenge yourself, but also to reflect on our place within humanity. Moreover, create a haven in which you can flourish and truly connect; it is this profound connection to ourselves and others that is now more vital than ever.