So you’ve overconsumed over the holidays, burned the candle at both ends (a RW Frida Soy Candle we hope) and your skin is definitely showing the effects. Not to mention, the wrath of winter temperatures certainly isn’t helping matters. Like many, perhaps you’ve resolved to turn it all around with a commitment to a clean, plant-based lifestyle for Veganuary.  With all this in mind, our most conscious to get through the remaining winter months: Save Face and nourish, replenish and nurture your skin with non-toxic, active skincare.


For starters (and forgive us for beating the proverbial hydration drum) but retaining moisture is key when it comes to combatting the colder temperatures. Moreover, other extrinsic forces such as lack of sleep, alcohol, caffeine and sugar consumption, can result in profound dehydration. The common sign: an overall depleted look and lack of suppleness in the skin, a clear indication of inadequate water retention – and yes, oily skin can still be dehydrated, so don’t be misled by your skin type! A few other indicators to look out for that scream dehydration: itchy, more sensitive/reactive skin, an overall dullness and fine lines and wrinkles.


The signs are there, so now what? Firstly, don’t panic, a few lifestyle changes and additions to your clean skincare routine can make the world of difference. Here are a few suggestions you may have heard time and again (for a very good reason!) and some that may be new to your ears.


  • Drink more water! Try to spread it out during the day to increase hydration and carry a moisturiser in your bag to top up throughout the day.
  • Cut back on alcohol and caffeine. I know, not an easy feat when trying to combat the winter blues, but a little goes a long way; one less cup of coffee or one glass of water in place of that pint and your skin will show its gratitude.
  • Put on a mask at least once a week. Our Romilly Wilde Light & Energy Serum Cleanser does brilliant double duty as a cleanser and mask. Packed full of 10 oils, and 15 plant/flower botanicals, it is pure skin nourishment and hydration in a bottle.
  • Use our active serum to feed the skin. Our Advanced Supercell Serum, not only triggers cell regeneration, but provides a hefty dose of peptides and collagen boosting energy. Tired skin, be gone!
  • Avoid toxic chemicals – the entire RW line is 100% non-toxic, so your skin is in safe and gentle hands.
  • Wash with tepid water – avoid harsh changes in temperature as much as possible.
  • Skip harsh scrubs that will strip and harm the skin and instead use a muslin cloth while cleansing or removing make-up.
  • And lastly, protect and insulate the skin by creating a barrier to retain moisture. Whether it’s our RW Active Boost Face Oil which will help retain water, or our Night Duty Face Cream to stimulate the metabolism of cells and replenish your skin from the inside out!


So, save face this winter and remember that while you’re enjoying yourself (and trying to distract from the plunging temps), your skin may not be. Give it the nourishing nutrition it deserves with a conscious skincare routine, resulting in better skin health come Spring!