If you could look at every single plant, flower, stem, leaf, root or seed in isolation, you can go some way to appreciating the enormous power that nature offers us. It’s paramount to understand and respect each individual component and to understand why natural, clean ingredients have such an incredible impact on our skin. So, ‘Framing Nature’ is the way we talk about our clean, raw ingredients and how we define clean beauty. This comes in three parts:

1. Susie Willis had a passion for natural ingredients

We don’t use anything in our products unless it’s 100% natural and CLEAN, so this is something that’s been important to us from the start. In keeping the integrity of nature, no ingredient is stripped or bleached of their natural state. Then, the state-of-the-art ‘airless’ packaging ensures that the product remains uncompromised without the need for any chemical preservatives, ensuring a totally clean, almost raw state for optimal nutritional availability.

We’re particularly proud of the remarkable plant stem cells that come from both the succulent world, and the fragrant potency of flowers, stamens and stems. It’s the magical marriage of nature meeting science that excites us, as well as using traditional oil extractions for our essences and ‘wilde oils’. We take great pride in the oils we use, and you will find they are unusual and remarkable in their own right. You will never see a ‘lazy’ oil in our line-up (and by this we mean oils that you might use for a salad dressing), but extraordinary oils that offer a plethora or lipid molecules and omega balance that are absorbed and metabolised by your skin cells and don’t just sit on the surface.

2. Bio-Farming and Eco-Farming

So, in knowing that the most important part of our world is to make non toxic products, the next step was to find these ingredients and source them in a conscious way. We use remarkable bio-farmers who work in sustainable environments where they are able to reproduce plant cells as and when needed, not plucking fields, farms and forests of their natural glory. For us, bio-farming and eco farming were fundamental to get right – we did our research and opted to work with people who have the same vision as us and care about the environment. Take our Light + Energy Serum Cleanser for example, with 25 active key ingredients like Saffron, Turmeric, Green Mandarin and Sea Buckthorn fruit, the nutrients absorb into the skin to nourish every cell from the outside in. These ingredients do absolute wonders for our skin but we’re also taking care not to harm our natural world to get them and make it our duty to be responsible when sourcing.

3. The Whole Story

The best way to guarantee what goes into skincare products is to make sure we’re involved in the entire creation and to be aware of everything that goes into products – we’re not just talking key ingredients, but the possible insecticides that can make their way onto the plants.

We wish to frame each ingredient for their individual contribution. No time wasters here, no bulkers or fillers, just nutritionally superior, A grade ingredients from mother nature, just as she would recognise. Our natural ingredients for skin are all picked with precision and we know exactly what every ingredient does to perform. The focus on integrity and good quality products is growing, and that works for us. We say “clean, conscious, no compromise.”