Despite the ever-growing trend in the skincare realm to embrace an oil-based cleanser, some are still reluctant, and let’s be frank, oil-phobic when it comes to incorporating a cleansing “oil” into their skincare regime.

At Romilly Wilde, we will always advocate that our Light & Energy Serum Cleanser deserves a place on your bathroom shelf. Enriched with an INCI list brim full of antioxidants and nourishing properties, including seabuckthorn fruit, sacha inchi and echium seed oil, this multi-functional cleanser is the perfect place to start your oil-based cleansing journey. Shining the light on sachi inchi for example, this miracle oil not only promotes collagen production, but it helps with pigmentation, hydration, defence against free radicals and is incredibly high in fatty acid content. What better than a power packed ingredient that is purposeful and active?!


Before we go any further into the myriad of benefits, we want to dispel the fearful myths around oil-based cleansers. For starters, all oils are not created equally when it comes to skincare. Denser, pore clogging oils certainly have no place on our face and will sit on the surface of the skin; But when it comes to lighter, more absorbable oils, the benefits are immeasurable. As Dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, M.D., a New York City–based board-certified dermatologist emphasises, “There’s a big difference between applying a cosmetically formulated cleansing oil versus rubbing canola from your kitchen onto your skin.”


Secondly, oil dissolves oil, and this is why oil-based cleansers are so excellent at dissolving excess sebum on your skin (not creating it!) and effective at removing make-up and sunscreen. They are also able to penetrate more deeply and infuse your pores with powerful antioxidants naturally present in plant-based oils.


There are of course many more benefits of oil-based cleansers that we think are worth highlighting. For starters, our RW cleanser is multi-functional and can be used as a cleanser, an enriching mask or make-up remover. Furthermore, oil-based cleansers actually control oil production as opposed to stripping skin and creating more oil. They are also ideal for dry or dehydrated skin as they are gentler on the skin, incredibly nourishing and teaming with active anti-aging properties.


We suggest starting out using our oil-based cleanser during your evening time cleanse as the skin creates less sebum at night. Take it off with a warm organic muslin cloth and double cleanse if the day demands it.


In no time you will see that your skin will respond with a glow, plumpness and hydration that other cleansers simply can’t match.