There is a surge of awareness and popularity for veganism with a huge spike in vegan foods, clean plant-based skincare and clothing. The unstoppable rise of vegan products has made a conscious, plant-based lifestyle easier than ever.

Romilly Wilde’s reason for choosing vegan ingredients and supporting animal welfare conditions, was a simple decision to make. We feel passionate about protecting animal welfare within the skincare industry whilst reducing the indiscriminate usage of animal derived products to create these ‘beauty products’.


Whilst the rest of our skincare line is fully vegan, Manuka Honey extract is used in our Light + Energy Serum cleanser,  as we believe it is a fabulous ingredient.  We understand the entire supply chain and know that the Manuka honey is from welfare bees/honey and the extract is a major anti-inflammatory, ensuring a calming element to the product.

Produced by worker bees which gather nectar from the small pink and white flowers of the Manuka plant, this ‘liquid gold’ contains a naturally occurring enzyme that produces hydrogen peroxide. This is a known antiseptic with superior antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. For this reason, Manuka honey is used extensively in hospitals, especially wound care. It can help stimulate the immune system, provide nutrients for cell metabolism, reduce inflammation and aid rapid tissue repair. 

This unique healer also has extraordinary benefits when used in organic and natural skincare.  It works as a humectant, drawing vital moisture into the skin and hydrating, moisturising, nourishing, rejuvenating and restoring its natural glow.



Manuka honey also helps to balance your skin’s pH levels, and powerfully clear blemishes. And since it’s safe to eat – and is in fact revered as one of the world’s greatest energy superfoods – you can be assured manuka honey is safe to put on your skin.

When it comes to plant-based power, we believe our bodies absorb and assimilate plant based products far more effectively.  Plants are more familiar to our bodies so accept them easily.  This results in active formulations that are activated and utilised by our skins cells, and the opportunity to recover is immediate.  We are not battling with synthetic bulkers or chemical preservatives that often leave our skin starving, blocked and confused.  Our bodies are not designed to process toxic chemicals.

If you want a quicker, longer term, results driven, skincare line, then look for a no-chemical, non-toxic, CLEAN range.  Happy Skin, Happy conscience.


We are approved under the Leaping Bunny programme, so together with Vegan Society, we can proudly show our commitment to promoting a more conscious, no compromise philosophy.  The Independent‘s article is well worth reading.  Shopping for skincare is overwhelming enough as it is with so many products vying for our hard-earned cash, but when you want to ensure that the cleanser you are buying is not just cruelty-free but vegan too, you may end up leaving the store with a headache.”

The good news is that veganism is no longer a niche lifestyle choice. Brands are reacting to the rapidlyrising number of vegans – up from 150,000 in 2006 to more than 540,000 today, according to the Vegan Society – by reformulating their products to meet buyers’ demands.

Testing on animals has been banned in the EU for nearly 15 years and, since March 2013, it has also been against the law to sell cosmetics products in the EU that have been newly tested on animals or contain ingredients that have been.


Romilly Wilde do not test on animals at any stage of supply, production and retail and are not on sale in China, where imported products must be tested on animals before entering the market.


We have just discovered an amazing value-led brand called ‘The Nue Co’.  They provide stunning supplements that take the best of nature + mix it with scientific knowledge to deliver nutrients as close as possible to the whole food source. No synthetic ingredients. No toxic chemicals. 

Created without inflammatory or harmful elements, their supplements are easily digested and more readily absorbed. They prize efficacy and ethics in equal measures. Our ingredients are always sustainably sourced.  They are our friend in the world of supplements!