One of our mantras here at Romilly Wilde is that clean beauty should not mean soulless. On the contrary, our natural, clean skincare products have been developed with a chemical-free, nature-infused, sensorial ethos, and are anything but soulless.

From the moment you experience the Romilly Wilde non-toxic skincare range, you can smell, see, and feel the difference. We believe skincare should spring from nature that flourishes all around us, providing the user with a profound sensorial experience, from your eyes, to your nose, to your fingertips. Our velvety oils, rich botanicals, and nutritionally charged plant and sea algae extracts ensure that our skincare doesn’t just sit on your skin; it glides, melts and is productively imbibed by every skin cell.

How your cleanser smells is the first sign of what is inside the bottle. In traditional beauty products, artificial chemicals are often used to cover up another chemical smell and feign to be something they are not. Whereas, we want our non-toxic skincare to smell like the natural ingredients within (not a chemical copy) while providing an energetic olfactory experience. In essence, ingredients such as rose, jasmine, and manuka honey extract should actually smell like the real thing, because they are! Additionally, how a product feels and looks on the skin, also speaks volumes to what’s on the ingredient list – ingredients that are vibrantly alive and bursting with colour, be it the deep desert blush of turmericor the titian hue of saffron; they are the colour nature intended them to be. The only white you’ll find in our skincare range are the bottles themselves!

Essential oils make up a large part of our INCI list, not only for their wide-ranging benefits to the skin: from acne, to dryness, to overall skin repair, but also from an aromatherapy standpoint. As Amy Leigh Mercree, author of Essential Oils Handbook: Recipes for Natural Living emphasizes, “It doesn’t get much greener than essential oils: when used correctly, they are among Mother Nature’s most potent remedies.”

This week we thought we’d put a spotlight on our FIVE Favourite Essential Oils within our Romilly Wilde range and highlight their incredible benefits: 

Frankincense: (Used in our Light & Energy Serum Cleanser and our Night Duty Face Cream) 

This gold standard of oils has a multitude of uses to treat your skin, from acting as an anti-bacterial astringent, to healing the skin, and improving elasticity, tone and overall appearance. It is also a natural inflammatory and is chock full of anti-oxidants and promotes new cell growth. A true skin booster!

Jasmine Oil: (Used in our Idle Eau de Parfum) 

Known as the King of Oils, Jasmine not only has a sensual, woodsy aroma, but is extremely multi-functional as an aromatherapeutic oil. It can be incredibly soothing, calming and nurturing, while restoring balance and uplifting one’s overall mood and energy level. It is also great for skin and helps improve elasticity. 

Sandalwood: (Used in our Eye Believe Eye Serum and our signature candle, Frida)

great anti-bacterial oil, that has anti-inflammatory properties, as well as a natural sedative as it helps relax blood vessels. It also helps tighten the skin, while aiding in the healing of scars and eczema. When used in aromatherapy it is extremely calming and great for depression and stress. 

Desert Rose: (Used in our Active Boost Face Oil) 

Another fabulous skin soother, bursting with healing and anti-bacterial properties, good for acne scars, reducing rosacea, and soothing irritation, as well as a wonderful moisturising oil for dry skin. It is also great to use during those more hormonal times of the month.

Neroli: (Used in our Advanced Supercell Serum)

Extracted from a citrus fruit, this is another healing, anti-bacterial oil that works wonders to combat infections, and repair tired and stressed skin. It is suitable for oily, sensitive, and mature skin and is great balancer for oil production. It is also incredibly nourishing and can revive skin on a cellular level thanks to a natural chemical known as citral that helps regenerate cells.

So, the next time you undertake your daily skincare routine, make sure your skincare range also feeds your sensorial soul, because skincare should be more than just application, it should be an experience.