Step into Your Clean Routine

Anthea Anka @ 2021-09-29 16:22:42 +0100

“Clean is Conscious, next level Natural. Clean is confident next level luxury.”


For many, Autumn brings new beginnings – a time to embrace and establish new routines, habits and possibilities. Be it a new job, going back to school, or pledging a new commitment to making changes in your life – a seasonal shift is a perfect chance to re-examine life from every angle.


When it comes to skincare, after a summer of indulgence, relaxation and sun (and perhaps not enough sunscreen!), there is definitely no better time to step into a new, clean routine. So we thought we’d offer up some easy steps on how to embrace clean:


Go through your bathroom cabinet and ask yourself what’s needed, and more importantly what’s clean. If your products are filled with chemicals, so is your skin and body. Certain chemicals can cause hormone and endocrine disruptions, breakouts, allergic reactions and low skin performance.

Read your INCI list – our devoted followers by now understand that our ethos for clean means no compromise and no junk (fillers, toxic chemicals, and synthetics). Ingredients to avoid: parabens, phthalates, fragrances, aluminium compounds, refined petroleum, and oxybenzone – to name a very few!

Do your homework – clean does not just benefit your skin allowing it to breathe, function and perform, but it also affects the planet at large. Ingredients like palm oil wreak havoc on our environment resulting in deforestation and loss of animal habitats, not to mention what the cumulation of chemicals can do to our water supply.

Look at all areas of your life and see what could be cleaner – be it diet, cleaning products in the home, upcycling, how you travel, or your carbon footprint on a micro/macro scale. There’s no better time to examine your surroundings and take small steps towards a cleaner lifestyle.


Important things to always remember when establishing new routines:


Start small, bite size challenges are always more apt to stick.

Don’t get discouraged if you make a misstep, changes will always come with good days and bad! It’s about the journey to clean, so be patient with yourself if you get side-tracked along the way.


Most importantly, be proud that by stepping into clean this Autumn, you are taking healthy steps to allow your skin to perform and regenerate, not to mention showing care for the environment.