The Observer Magazine, 13th May

Shopify API @ 2021-09-29 16:21:04 +0100

Say it with flowers. That was the vibe in May over at The Guardian and The Observer Magazine who seemingly couldn’t resist our Idle Perfume. This was one of the key points of 2018 for the Romilly Wilde brand as we started to build our rep not just for vegan skincare but also our clean beauty scents.

“We can’t get enough of Romilly Wilde’s Idle perfume. It’s odd yet subtle, a combination of mandarin, jasmine, cardamom and blossom. The brand is known for its skincare, but it is this we reach for every day.”

Quite an endorsement from one of the UK’s best-loved publications and also one that is read by advocates of natural skincare and vegans across the country. We’re very proud of our Idle perfume and therefore delighted to see it picked up in a publication of such ilk.