Stella Magazine - 18th February, Editors' Picks - Eye Believe Eye Serum

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Beauty products packed with homegrown ingredients are becoming all the more popular in the modern day beauty bag and the Romilly Wilde Eye Believe Eye Serum is packed with natural plant stem cells which are grabbing the attention of beauty fans all over.

Beauty editor Marianne Jones picked the Eye Believe Eye Serum as one of three of her editor’s picks, deeming it a ‘Stella Smart Ager’

“I’m very fussy about what I put on my eye area, and this 100 percent natural eye serum glides on and isn’t cloying”

If you want a sculpting eye serum you can really trust your delicate under eye area, then this product is it.  Expect stimulating actives from Pomegranate, Schisandra, Sea Chamomile and Chinese Hibiscus.

As featured in Telegraph Magazine

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