Red Magazine, December 2016

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The Beauty Notebook by Annabel Meggeson, Red’s Beauty Insider

“Raving about Romilly Wilde’s Light + Energy Serum Cleanser” - Red Magazine, December 2016

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This coverage in Red Online saw none other than beauty aficionado Annabel Meggeson extol the virtues of our Light + Energy Serum Cleanser in Red’ Beauty Insider. As their hero product of the week, this commendation went on to describe the ideal natural skincare regimen

Cleansing should take time, it should not only remove makeup but also prepare and condition your skin for what awaits: the power ingredients in the rest of your skincare regime. Your serum, oil and moisturiser are all going to be more effective when applied to properly cleansed skin. A big reason for Red Online’s coverage of our ever-popular serum cleanser.