Red Magazine - Best skincare routine for when you're in your '50s - November '18

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Exfoliate, hydrate and lock in lots and lots of moisture.

Skincare in your '20s is practically non-existent (let's be real), your '30s you'll likely still be doing battle with adult acne as well as the first signs of ageing (it's all about prevention at this stage), and your '40s will likely be accompanied by young children, which means your poor, tired skin will suffer from sleepless nights and eating leftover spaghetti hoops.

Now you've reached the golden decade of 50, the kids will be grown up (physically, that is), you can reclaim some of your time back, now that the school run and 5am wakeup calls don't dominate your mornings, so you'll hopefully be able to kick start your beauty routine up a gear or two.

Realistically, your '50s is also when the menopause will likely start, which can not only be a challenge physically and mentally, but lots of hormonal changes can sap essential moisture from your skin, leaving it dehydrated and dull. When a woman's oestrogen levels drop, the skin barrier's ability to retain water also drops. Which is why stepping up your skincare regime is essential for beautiful, glowing skin.

You'll hopefully be rid of all signs of blemishes by now, so you can really concentrate on using fantastic exfoliating acids to slog away dead skin cells (leaving you radiant), flooding your skin with super hydrating hyaluronic acid, massaging in thick, luscious night creams and even adding some facial oil on top to lock in as much moisture as possible.






Adding a few drops of facial oil over the top of thinner consistency products like lotions and creams helps to seal in moisture and penetrate through the other skincare layers to add oil back into the skin now that our natural oil production has started to slow down.

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Eye cream is ESSENTIAL, as tiredness will show up under your eyes more and more as we age. Lots of brands have specific night time treatment eye creams that intensify the anti-aging products as we sleep.

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