Liz Earle Wellbeing - November/December 2018 - Idle EDP

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Shopping for Scent

More is spent buying fragrance as a Christmas gift than at any time of the year, and perfumista extraordinaire Josephine Fairley profiled the best of the best, not least our very own Idle Eau De Parfum.

As they go on to describe, almost entirely natural, this fresh, floral, musky and woody perfume is simply irresistible.

Featured alongside scents from Dior, Molton Brown and Jo Malone, this commendation from LIz Earle put Romilly Wilde firmly at the front of the scent scene and untouchable as organic beauty aficionados.

If this has sparked your interest in Idle Eau De Parfum then be sure to check out our dedicated product page.

You can also read the full Shopping for Scent article at Liz Earle