Good Housekeeping - Frida Scented Candle

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Fill your home with calming and spirit-lifting new season fragrances by layering up natural essential oils, says Susie Willis, of natural brand Romilly Wilde.

“I adore unusual combinations and abstract scent profiles”

The candle we created, our ever-popular Frida Scented Candle is a sultry combination of sandalwood, cardamom, clary sage and cedar amber. As we state in our Good Housekeeping coverage, customers can create their own scents.

“Buy pure essential oils and either diffuse them in a vaporiser or a candle diffuser. I adore using frankincense, sandalwood or cedarwood as a base, then adding patchouli, ylang-ylang or mixed blends on top”.

This coverage is a real testament to how Romilly Wilde products are conducive to 100% clean beauty and natural skincare, its placement with happier thoughts and bath spa treatments in Good Housekeeping was the perfect complement for our Frida Candle.

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