Get The Gloss - The Best Christmas Candles, November 2018

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Say hello to the gift everyone wants to receive, no matter what time of the year; the Frida candle from Romilly Wilde. Get the Gloss obviously agrees, reviewing the popular candle in its November 2018 issue. So, why is everyone loving the Frida candle?

“Like a blast of sunshine on a dark night, this huge orange jarred slow burner is a brilliant option if you shudder at a sniff of pine cone and cinnamon. Cardamom keeps its warm and spicy but clary sage gives the sent a herbal edge that isn’t too sweet.”

Like the sound of that, or know someone who will? This candle isn’t reserved for Christmas gifting. Give your loved one the gift of a 100% vegan, a sustainable candle from Romilly Wilde.

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