FT How To Spend It, 5th May

Shopify API @ 2021-09-29 16:21:06 +0100

Featured in the May edition of How To Spend It, our Vogue award-winning Eau de Parfum, Idle, alongside other perfume heroes.  The feature read:

“Natural ingredients are signalling a softly spoken new direction for scents – heightening the feel-good factor as well as benefiting the environment

Scent’s intimate relationship with skin is at the heart of all our natural skincare range, and not least the Idle perfume which has now been highly commended by magazines and beauty fans across the country.

Choose this scent for wonderfully spicy, green jasmine.  It has an addictive, soft scent with a woody character and a floral veil which is becoming a firm favourite with Romilly Wilde fans.

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