Evening Standard Magazine - 10th February 2017

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“And you thought natural beauty was all about face masks and home-made scrubs” – Katie Service reports on the covetable 'clean' products taking the industry by storm. Evening Standard, February 2017

Original Article can be read here on the Evening Standard

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Now it's time to turn your attention to your bathroom shelf - because while 'clean eating' and 'conscious fashion' were the buzz phrases of last year, it's the 'clean beauty' movement that's causing a stir.

Remember when exo-brands were a bit of a joke, derided for their new age formulas and clumpy hemp packaging? Today, enticingly Instagrammable and eco-conscious labels such as Romilly Wilde - which forgo synthetic ingredients in favour of naturally occuring botanical sources and not only smell diving but also come in packaging that would make Coco Chanel purr - are being taken very seriously indeed.