ES - 6th July

Shopify API @ 2021-09-29 16:21:02 +0100

Remember that zesty mango orange hue which dominated 1970’s sitting rooms? Well as ES Magazine were keen to point out in July, the trends were back with aplomb with both the spring and the summer catwalk being dominated by the high octane shade.

Our Frida Candle was again the subject of coverage and was featured alongside Swiss furniture firm Vitra and all sorts of trendy accessories such as Gaviria earrings, vintage Parker-Knoll armchairs and Lasvit lollipop pendants.

A superb, summery and vibrant article from yet another sterling publication, this was more endorsement of one of Romilly Wilde’s standout products of the year.

See the Frida Candle in all its glory here