The spotlight is starting to shine on the profound influence of essential oils in our daily beauty and clean skincare routines.  Aromatherapy ticks both boxes for vegan beauty and wellness. 

The Future Laboratory, a trends intelligence business has observed the resurgence of the use of sense and sensorial elements within the skincare industry, with a trend towards using essential oils for their positive effect on both neuroscience and the ultimate efficacy of beauty & wellness products.

Cult Beauty founder Alexia Inge told the Stylist her thoughts on essential oils…

What is an incredibly potent and effective discipline has been allowed to fade into something one associates with second-rate spas and annoyingly weak massages.  But as consumers hunt for ways of dealing with a high tide of stress through their lives, they’re searching for ways to bring self-help micro-moments into the day

Romilly Wilde’s principle foundations are rooted by the entire experience to be luxurious, sensorial and powerfully effective.  These foundations are inspired from nature, particularly floral and plant bud extracts. The strength and efficacy from these formulations are not to be underestimated.  Plants used for their healing and restorative capacity are incredibly potent, as we have learnt from our ancestors who understood the art of medicine and healing from plant matter.


The use of essential oils and scent is backed up by science. The skin is a scent organ and using essential oils have been proven to accelerate tissue repair and healing via a biochemical response.   This acceleration is triggered by our limbic system that is responsible for parts of the brain that are responsible for heart rate, blood pressure, stress levels and hormone balance. 

Because scent (and I use the word carefully, not perfume or fragrance) is made up of unique molecular structures, they can directly stimulate the limbic system.  Scent and smell is the only one of the five physical senses that are directly linked to this part of our brain, our emotional control centre.  Anxiety, depression, fear, anger and joy all physically originate from this region.  Essential oils such as Frankincense and Sandalwood, both found in the Romilly Wilde skincare profile are involved in increasing oxygen and rejuvenation.  These then lead to endorphins and natural protective antibodies. Plus they smell amazing so win win.  


Artist: Daniel Freytag

According to The Future Labs, they saw the beauty industry break free from the confines of cosmetics and skincare to take its place in the modern wellness pantheon and Romilly Wilde was identified as one of the new links between scent and neuroscience. 

We know that the central nervous system has memory and a capacity to learn.  Thus, it could be said that intelligence is located not only in the brain, but in our skin cells and therefore the traditional belief that emotions are separate from the body, is no longer valid.


The essential oils that we use throughout the Romilly Wilde product range includes Frankincense, Sandalwood, Neroli, Jasmine and Rose.  These have all been chosen for their highly energetic, unique molecular structures. These essential oils help to create the ultimate in indulgent, multi-corrective formulations that treat the entire mind, body, soul.

It should be noted, we avoid oils from citrus sources because they often create photo-sensitivity.