We have always viewed our Romilly Wilde products as a luxury skincare line, knowing full well that for some in the beauty world (on the business side and consumers alike), the word luxury came with its own set of connotations – some positive and some negative. Of late, we are keen to see a redefinition of what luxury encompasses and are eager to watch this shifting movement take hold. As many will agree, in the past the term luxury carried the connotation of wealth and opulence, often possessing an almost unattainable or unreachable quality. Moreover when you spoke of luxury products, they were often deemed aspirational, bordering on the elite – something you could wish for, but perhaps never attain.


Whereas we have always viewed luxury as something deeper and more nuanced, something that resonated with the senses, quality and a conscious mindfulness to never compromise. For Romilly Wilde, luxury of course placed value on the aesthetic, but it also ventured deeper – from our intention, to the sourcing, to the end result of what is found on the INCI list and how that nurtures the skin. In essence, luxury is – what’s in the bottle, the purity and the quality of those ingredients, and their sumptuousness and nurturing properties for your skin. Luxury is also about engaging in the decision to put your skin and the planet first by sourcing quality products that are not only clean, but responsible – responsible in their impact to one’s health and the planet. Moreover, the luxury market should also be about companies that value quality, craftmanship, and meticulousness above all else. When we say no compromise in regards to clean, active ingredients, we consider it a luxury that should be heralded and embraced.


Luxury can also be seen on a more universal scale and should not be bound to the trappings of finance or possession. In essence, what it truly means to indulge in luxury; be it truly taking time out for oneself and making the conscious choice to put yourself first (something that is not always easy for many), surrounding yourself with friends and loved ones, or indulging in one’s senses. Be it a rich cup of coffee, or a walk through a verdant wood that is teaming with sights and sounds or indulging in an hour where you engage in holistic and therapeutic self-care. Luxury can be found all around us in many forms, from the simple to the majestically complex.


So we invite you, when you think about luxury, what comes to mind? How do you define it on a personal level? Is it an extra soft blanket, a sumptuous cleanser that hydrates your skin, a homecooked meal made by a loved one or a walk through the forest? Whatever it may be, luxury is definitely not one-sized fits all. On the contrary it is for each of us to define in the face of our lives and our experiences, and a conscious choice to seek out quality wherever we can.